Bad Santas (16 Photos)

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  • Rainlvr

    OMG! I'm sure 90% of these kids had to have some kinda therapy! and to think I was skeered of the Easter Bunny.o.0

  • DanielB

    #13 my name is earl?

  • BloodScrubber

    Each one is thinking…Candy Canes and Plum Pudding my ass. Creepy Christmas!

  • Guest

    What the hell are #6 and #15 supposed to be??????

  • Vagabondleon

    #16 is that Britney Spears??

  • a bit of derp

    i really really love the tits / general girl posts
    but this is the best post i have ever seen on the chive…for real

  • Sandman

    Is the girl in number 3 the girl who was in poltergeist? ( on right)

  • Brian

    Nothing like nicotine stained santa bringing joy to children

  • Domo

    #11 is the scariest Santa I have ever seen. If it was my child I would be in a different state, funny pic though

  • Norm

    Good thing izi is back up. Now the people at chive don't have to work so hard…

  • Maynard B

    Christ almighty…talk about being scarred for life.

  • blorp

    eventually they all become molesters, and eat lumps of coal salad in jail…

  • wthorwthoutyou

    the creepiest collection of photos on the net…

  • Razgard

    This is SOOO WROOONG!!!

  • A BiPolar Guy

    I'm sure #3 is her dad or her uncle. Wait that means.. oh. Not that's theirs anything.. oh, wait there IS something wrong with that.
    Never mind.

  • tommy2x4

    #14 is young Daniel Tosh from TOSH.O

  • BooM

    bringin ya crack and 40's for xmas this year

  • Santa, baby, leave a sable under the tree for me…and then leave my house immediately!

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  • Kevrobmc

    ROFL #1 looks trashed haha

  • King

    #15 lmao

  • katie

    #4 #7 look like Santa, they just scare children

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