Beautiful photos of beautiful women (20 photos)



    • Mikey

      Shut it.

  • Martin

    Thechive should do a naked gallery, just go full porn

    Who is for it?

    • Fobba

      Porn ain't sexy.

    • Keith

      I think The Chive should have a NSFW section on their site or an option to show or filter out the NSFW stuff for nude galleries and uncensored articles where they don't have to worry about not putting the NSFW stuff in,

      but I don't really want porn I just would like The Chives great taste in woman without them censoring themselves, this way they could keep it family friendly and satisfy my need to see a gallery of hot topless women hand-picked by The Chive.

      Sorry for the long post and I really hope The Chive considers this. hope this all made sense.

      Also I really Liked #11 She is cute.

  • kdtc

    18# Just made my god damned day.

    • Vini-then washed up

      Try the # sign first for best results.
      But I agree with your basic premise.
      #18 hits me in all the right places.

      • WhiteGuyAtWork

        I'd like the hit #18 in all the right places.

        • Mikey

          Touché 🙂

        • mmm

          I could look at that picture all day….

    • LLD

      If your day really is damned by God, how could anything beautiful like that have come into it in the first place? So is your day still damned? Please reconsider your casual use of such offensive language. I believe we can be just as raunchy while still being a little respectful. Just because we're here to look at hot women doesn't mean we have to forget all our manners. There's my preach for the day!

  • Vij

    18 is the pick of the lot.

    • hitman219


  • Javier

    #20 is the overall winner

    • Shawn

      Agreed!! MOAR #20!!! Can we get a name please!!

      • probably wrong

        Kate Beckinsale

        • baldy

          Absolutely Wrong

      • Ken

        Looks a little like a younger Sandra Bullock.

    • Yumper

      Or maybe a close second to #18.

  • tony

    listen to a song called "winter winds" by a band called mumford and sons while your scrolling through this gallery, totally puts a different feel on it.

  • Keith

    This gallery was "meh" until # 17. The last 4 photos made up for the first 16.

    • DaddyD

      Yeah, I agree. More like decent photos of reasonably attractive women.

  • lefty

    #17 chive you need to find more women with back dimples like hers, there is nothing sexier on a woman

    • Brad

      A +1 just wasn't enough to convey my agreement to the sexiness of back dimples. A high res version of #17 would become my permanent wallpaper.

    • jjjj

      back dimples or ergonomic place to put your thumbs

    • moe


  • simon

    HQ! ASAP!

    Infact I vote all galleries with "beautiful" in the title should automatically be submitted in HQ.

    Who's with me?

  • vince

    I would matte and frame this in my house if my wife would let me…

    Is this Kate Beckinsale? Me likey !! :p

    • Greg

      Get your balls back out of her purse and do as you please…ya pussy….

  • Shearede

    I never comment, but please, for the sake of humanity…give us a #18 gallery!

  • TheRocker

    #18 is getting really Really close to absolute perfection. Chive On!!

  • @jintonico


  • Hamlap

    I don't see why everyone likes 20 & 18 so much, they are just hot chicks, there really is a difference with beautiful women, as pointed out in these photo's

  • Lehkan

    Best Chive's post ever !

    Black & White photographs are better because it erase flaws. That's why they are more hot than others.

    Chive on !

  • Bud Ugly

    #18 and #20 just gave me the quickest orgasms ever.

    #17 didn't get me hot, necessarily, but I still find the woman and photo very attractive.

  • charles

    uhh LEO you slacker! couldn't you made the "beautiful women" post in HD??? come on! you're better than that.
    #18 FTW (but would of been even better in HD)

  • HardCoreMike

    #18 gets me everytime! NIIIIICE.

  • tbag

    MOAR thongs liek this PLZ #20

  • guest 1

    another #18 sure why not

  • shouldbeworking

    #17, #18, #20
    who cares about the rest?

  • top dog

    Not seeing much of a lot of em so I really can't tell, but if you think thats beautiful then, OK!!

  • floscar

    Boobies and asses are beautiful. There should be more boobies and asses.

  • TioChan

    there's something really weird about #12 's face

    • This Guy

      She's dressed like that in the middle of a field; bugs are probably crawlin up her bum!

  • belloscemo

    #17 #18 Winners!

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