Daily Afternoon Randomness (43 Photos)

  • ckbdiver82

    poor girl #17 she took a chance and is now on blast for it pity

  • Rolis

    #35 #36 , YES and HELL YEAH!!

  • mr.g

    #17 your husband is a lucky guy

  • mike

    I give you props for the post #17 I'd do you!

  • http://colddeadfingers.tk God

    I don't understand whats funny about #12…

  • Fable

    Hi this is number #17
    For all those who didn't slam me thanks! For those who did, good for you and your opinions, but for being 32 and having had 3 kids, I love my body all natural and not photoshopped to hell.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #24 God in heaven. I feel so sorry for that woman. Yes she was an adult and no she doesn't say she was forced. Sometimes a woman will do something for love of a man and even convince herself it's ok at the time maybe that was the case. Regardless, some mistakes we make will haunt us for a long time. Our hearts can go out to her for her pain, even if it is her own fault.

    Some people are into what they call "the lifestyle" (partner swapping parties) and if you are, fine for you but even that is very, very different than prostituting yourself for another's gain.

    • GoForth

      Hey, Stuart Smalley, why don't you shut your pie hole? No one wants to read your simpering, pithy, quasi-self affirming statements. STFU.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    On a lighter note, on #43. Based on my personal preference among the four. I'd label it "This Bud's for You"

  • tom

    i would fuck the shit out of victoria beckham at 18 and now

  • JC

    Where is the beer?

  • Papichulo

    Screw all them haters mamita! Id make you my world with a bod like that!

  • Tim

    #17 I hate when chicks post 'sexy' prego pictures.,.,,.not that i think its sexy, but she obviously does.



  • Fallen

    @#30 what is that app? i have been looking for it for ages now.

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