Having fun at the sun and moon’s expense (13 Photos)

  • Mike

    I did it. Merica F*** yea

  • tommybhoy

    A think its the same guy in all of these. Doing it once (ok, maybe twice) but then it become repetitive *yawn*

    • crick

      I read the first few words of this comment but then it become repetitive *yawn*

      • Spencer Thomson

        i read the first few words of this comment while getting nailed in the ass by a big black dude, the same black dude that gave me mono. I love him though.

  • mipo2010

    #9, I'll give that bitch the moon…bitches love moons

    • The Sun

      That's definitely not the moon.

      • Displayed

        * facepalm *

      • _HypoLuxa_

        no, you said it wrong . . . you say, "That's no moon … (dramatic pause)"

  • Keith

    A couple of these are good, others not so much. I've seen better.

  • Brad

    #10 is cool

  • trentz

    #2 is awesome

  • Xin

    This makes me want to do something like this as well. Awesome

  • Bisketz

    #12 is pretty epic

  • Locode

    Getting kinda boring seeing these over and over again.

  • Spencer Thomson

    I Liked ot when i got the penis in my ass, i really love dick in my ass, very gay male ass is my nickname. i lol when i drink cum out of some other guys belly button.

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