These chicks tallied the most ‘Find Her’ requests last week (29 Photos)

Each week, we post hundreds of anonymous hotties on theCHIVE after which we receive hundreds of 'Find Her' requests. The commenters have a moral obligation to share knowledge if they recognize these girls (some are fairly easy). Here are the chicks that 'sploded my inbox...

  • Mek

    #2 is Danica McKellar from The Wonder Years

    • Shiyan

      She is a math wiz. Sexy and with brains. Gotta love her!

    • zym

      Who the fuck doesn't know who Winnie Cooper is?

    • joe

      #15 is Ashley Ann Vickers

  • ????

    #2 is the girl from wonder years. all grown up.

    • ????

      why did she get moved to #7 after the post went up?

      • bud

        #7 looks like that Gina Carrarararar girl… the MMA fighter

        • RichterCa

          No, #7 is former fitness model Jaime Koeppe.

    • Kashif

      thats india reynolds

  • EXCH


    • diallingwand

      India Reynolds
      look her up on nuts

    • Markx

      Has a lot of topless content

  • stafferty

    There is something really wrong with #20. Why is a heterosexual man watching a black eyed peas video?

    • jpj

      One Word: Fergie.

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        Sorry jpj, not a good enough reason.

        • Smoothtalker

          More like Fugly.

  • joe

    #2 Danica McKellar from the Wonder Years and West Wing

    • joe

      numbers of the pictures changed she is #7 now

      • Danimal

        This is Jamie Koeppe. So hot.

  • Mike

    #2 Isnt that the chick from Wonder Years 😛

    • ryan

      Looks like it to me

  • uber

    because I got so many thumbs on the caption this post, I demand you find # 23. She might be the hottest girl I have ever seen. Thank you in advance

    • uber

      woops, i meant # 22. i swear it was # 23 when i first looked at this

      • its_forge

        Stop putting a space after the # sign you noob. = )

    • Anonymous

      Thumbs down don't count.

    • jstave

      thumbs down for making me have to scroll up to see #23

  • Cam

    My votes are for #1 #12 and #15.

    • tico

      well put…

    • Jay

      #1 is the best

      • dave

        angie varona

        • Mr F

          You sir, are awesome.

      • Shaunzi

        def the best

    • AuSome

      dear god that #1 is so hot. lol

    • Marco

      Nr1 is the same as nr 19 & 25 i think Angie Verona is her name

    • John
    • Lashley291

      #1 i totaly agree but did u foet #19

      • doublepedaldylan

        probably actually both Angie. Also, 25 is angie as well. God this site is a fail, three of the same girl and people can't figure it out.

  • equalizermax

    Obviously, the guy who wants to find the "Cookie Monster Killer" likes Cookie Monster and his out for a revenge…

  • Mike

    #21 eww

    • its_forge

      What you mean "eww?" Gorgeous big-breasted brunette whose boobs you can see plain as day through her bra? What's "eww" about that??!!

    • Mmm Ciao

      Umm, I'm a girl and I think she's super hot. Nothing ew about her.

    • Carl R. Evans

      You have gone passed "Pink feather boa" gay. You should be proud, I didn't think there was a higher level.

  • @importantcrap

    #24 is Jenna Renee.

    Google her name and that pic usually is toward the top of image results. Sooooooo sexy…

    • Dan

      absolutely false

      • luke

        yeh he's either retarded or blind….maybe both

  • Jeremy

    #1 has mesmerizing eyes. I completely zoned out for over a minute.

    • DA-YUM

      No, #12 has those eyes

    • Kbox

      This chicks name is Angie Varona. And yes, they are real = WIN.

  • drbeene

    #20 and #26 are the same girl: Angie Varona, some super fine jailbait whose dad hates that her pics are online.

    #22 is India Reynolds from Front UK.


    • drbeene

      Well the numbers changed on me. See: #19, #21 and #25

    • just-sayin'

      don't you mean #19 and #25 ? same girl, i swear it's angie varona

      • drbeene

        Exactly. I think #1 is her too. Smokin.

        • just-sayin'

          well that cuts down a lot of the chive's work, "Find these girls", never mind, 4 of them are the same person! good work guys.

    • woodman

      No, I believe this is Amanda Pflugard the ex Oregon Ducks Cheerleader.

  • chiver132

    #22 …best on the page

    • uber


      • Flashman7

        Amazing. Anyone know who she is?

        • Thinker

          sophie reade I think

    • Truthy

      It's Lianne Dauban

      • Clinton

        Everyone is wrong on 22….some dummy said she was 24 but wasn't even close. Jenna Renee is 22. I know this was a year ago but obviously she is still a babe and ppl need to hear about her.

  • Hook me up!

    #15 and #23 Without a Doubt!

    • Dan

      #15 is Ashley Valence. she needs her own gallery

    • khakiMallard

      i love how chicks love to wear their Christian-themed jewelry while acting like a big hoah.

    • Dan

      #23 is Aussie Jewel

    • Jay

      #23 is Aussie Jewel

    • jayfroz
  • xxxxx

    #1 and # 20 is angie varone
    find #12 please

  • @importantcrap

    #22 is Jenna Renee.

    Google her and that pic is usually toward the top of image results. Soooo sexy!

    • uber

      id rather bing her

  • Hook me up!

    …oh and First!

    • Chris

      …oh and No!

    • Terry Burke

      really? i think you missed it

  • isawoj

    Leo, John, Bob et al:

    Do you see what happens when you move pics around after posting the thread? None of the numbers match up to the comments.

    For shame, for shame.

  • Dantastic

    #7 is Winnie from The Wonder Years, not #2!

    • Adam

      Yeah and Marilyn Manson played Paul on the Wonder Years. I think you're a little wrong on that statement.

    • Finster

      youre an idiot

      • anon

        "You're" an idiot, genius.

    • Brian Latimer

      #2 is Winnie #7 is Gina Carano the MMA fighter

    • adam

      #7 is Gina Carano the mma fighther

  • Chris

    #6 #13 #15 #21 – We want names

    • Chris

      #7 not 6 – they changed numbers on me

    • Dan

      #15 is Ashley Valence

      • Chris

        #15 goes by two names. Ashley Valence and Ashley Ann Vickers.

        #7 is Jaime Koeppe

        • diallingwand

          21 is Inda Reynolds
          she is fucking awesome

    • Phondo

      #6 is Jamie Gunns — top model, but you can find some racy shots too.

  • Kass

    #22 is India Reynolds, British topless model. NSFW:

    • Kass

      Oops! #21

  • eroon

    #15 will be unable to find… because she is UNREAL… un…real…

  • Roso

    I wanna have sex with all these women. Does that make me weird?

    • Hez26

      whats weird is NOT wanting to have sex with all of these women..

      • nepster

        No dude…it makes you a man!

    • Hourglass Man

      not at all….

    • GroovyJ

      Only if you are physically equipped to do them all concurrently.

  • fer

    I noticed a lot of Asian girls find her requests #12 #13 #21 #28
    I must also humbly request one gallery of sexy Asian girls.

    • Kass

      #21 (India Reynolds) is not Asian, and #12 doesn't really look Asian to me… but #3 does.
      I'll second the request for a gallery of sexy Asian girls though.

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