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These chicks tallied the most ‘Find Her’ requests last week (29 Photos)

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Each week, we post hundreds of anonymous hotties on theCHIVE after which we receive hundreds of 'Find Her' requests. The commenters have a moral obligation to share knowledge if they recognize these girls (some are fairly easy). Here are the chicks that 'sploded my inbox...

  • Mek

    #2 is Danica McKellar from The Wonder Years

    • Shiyan

      She is a math wiz. Sexy and with brains. Gotta love her!

    • zym

      Who the fuck doesn't know who Winnie Cooper is?

    • joe

      #15 is Ashley Ann Vickers

  • ????

    #2 is the girl from wonder years. all grown up.

    • ????

      why did she get moved to #7 after the post went up?

      • bud

        #7 looks like that Gina Carrarararar girl… the MMA fighter

        • RichterCa

          No, #7 is former fitness model Jaime Koeppe.

    • Kashif

      thats india reynolds

  • EXCH


    • diallingwand

      India Reynolds
      look her up on nuts

    • Markx

      Has a lot of topless content

  • stafferty

    There is something really wrong with #20. Why is a heterosexual man watching a black eyed peas video?

    • jpj

      One Word: Fergie.

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        Sorry jpj, not a good enough reason.

        • Smoothtalker

          More like Fugly.

  • joe

    #2 Danica McKellar from the Wonder Years and West Wing

    • joe

      numbers of the pictures changed she is #7 now

      • Danimal

        This is Jamie Koeppe. So hot.

  • Mike

    #2 Isnt that the chick from Wonder Years😛

    • ryan

      Looks like it to me

  • uber

    because I got so many thumbs on the caption this post, I demand you find # 23. She might be the hottest girl I have ever seen. Thank you in advance

    • uber

      woops, i meant # 22. i swear it was # 23 when i first looked at this

      • its_forge

        Stop putting a space after the # sign you noob. = )

    • Anonymous

      Thumbs down don't count.

    • jstave

      thumbs down for making me have to scroll up to see #23

  • Cam

    My votes are for #1 #12 and #15.

    • tico

      well put…

    • Jay

      #1 is the best

      • dave

        angie varona

        • Mr F

          You sir, are awesome.

      • Shaunzi

        def the best

    • AuSome

      dear god that #1 is so hot. lol

    • Marco

      Nr1 is the same as nr 19 & 25 i think Angie Verona is her name

    • John
    • Lashley291

      #1 i totaly agree but did u foet #19

      • doublepedaldylan

        probably actually both Angie. Also, 25 is angie as well. God this site is a fail, three of the same girl and people can't figure it out.

  • equalizermax

    Obviously, the guy who wants to find the "Cookie Monster Killer" likes Cookie Monster and his out for a revenge…

  • Mike

    #21 eww

    • its_forge

      What you mean "eww?" Gorgeous big-breasted brunette whose boobs you can see plain as day through her bra? What's "eww" about that??!!

    • Mmm Ciao

      Umm, I'm a girl and I think she's super hot. Nothing ew about her.

    • Carl R. Evans

      You have gone passed "Pink feather boa" gay. You should be proud, I didn't think there was a higher level.

  • @importantcrap

    #24 is Jenna Renee.

    Google her name and that pic usually is toward the top of image results. Sooooooo sexy…

    • Dan

      absolutely false

      • luke

        yeh he's either retarded or blind….maybe both

  • Jeremy

    #1 has mesmerizing eyes. I completely zoned out for over a minute.

    • DA-YUM

      No, #12 has those eyes

    • Kbox

      This chicks name is Angie Varona. And yes, they are real = WIN.

  • drbeene

    #20 and #26 are the same girl: Angie Varona, some super fine jailbait whose dad hates that her pics are online.

    #22 is India Reynolds from Front UK.


    • drbeene

      Well the numbers changed on me. See: #19, #21 and #25

    • just-sayin'

      don't you mean #19 and #25 ? same girl, i swear it's angie varona

      • drbeene

        Exactly. I think #1 is her too. Smokin.

        • just-sayin'

          well that cuts down a lot of the chive's work, "Find these girls", never mind, 4 of them are the same person! good work guys.

    • woodman

      No, I believe this is Amanda Pflugard the ex Oregon Ducks Cheerleader.

  • chiver132

    #22 …best on the page

    • uber


      • Flashman7

        Amazing. Anyone know who she is?

        • Thinker

          sophie reade I think

    • Truthy

      It's Lianne Dauban

      • Clinton

        Everyone is wrong on 22….some dummy said she was 24 but wasn't even close. Jenna Renee is 22. I know this was a year ago but obviously she is still a babe and ppl need to hear about her.

  • Hook me up!

    #15 and #23 Without a Doubt!

    • Dan

      #15 is Ashley Valence. she needs her own gallery

    • khakiMallard

      i love how chicks love to wear their Christian-themed jewelry while acting like a big hoah.

    • Dan

      #23 is Aussie Jewel

    • Jay

      #23 is Aussie Jewel

    • jayfroz
  • xxxxx

    #1 and # 20 is angie varone
    find #12 please

  • @importantcrap

    #22 is Jenna Renee.

    Google her and that pic is usually toward the top of image results. Soooo sexy!

    • uber

      id rather bing her

  • Hook me up!

    …oh and First!

    • Chris

      …oh and No!

    • Terry Burke

      really? i think you missed it

  • isawoj

    Leo, John, Bob et al:

    Do you see what happens when you move pics around after posting the thread? None of the numbers match up to the comments.

    For shame, for shame.

  • Dantastic

    #7 is Winnie from The Wonder Years, not #2!

    • Adam

      Yeah and Marilyn Manson played Paul on the Wonder Years. I think you're a little wrong on that statement.

    • Finster

      youre an idiot

      • anon

        "You're" an idiot, genius.

    • Brian Latimer

      #2 is Winnie #7 is Gina Carano the MMA fighter

    • adam

      #7 is Gina Carano the mma fighther

  • Chris

    #6 #13 #15 #21 – We want names

    • Chris

      #7 not 6 – they changed numbers on me

    • Dan

      #15 is Ashley Valence

      • Chris

        #15 goes by two names. Ashley Valence and Ashley Ann Vickers.

        #7 is Jaime Koeppe

        • diallingwand

          21 is Inda Reynolds
          she is fucking awesome

    • Phondo

      #6 is Jamie Gunns — top model, but you can find some racy shots too.

  • Kass

    #22 is India Reynolds, British topless model. NSFW:

    • Kass

      Oops! #21

  • eroon

    #15 will be unable to find… because she is UNREAL… un…real…

  • Roso

    I wanna have sex with all these women. Does that make me weird?

    • Hez26

      whats weird is NOT wanting to have sex with all of these women..

      • nepster

        No dude…it makes you a man!

    • Hourglass Man

      not at all….

    • GroovyJ

      Only if you are physically equipped to do them all concurrently.

  • fer

    I noticed a lot of Asian girls find her requests #12 #13 #21 #28
    I must also humbly request one gallery of sexy Asian girls.

    • Kass

      #21 (India Reynolds) is not Asian, and #12 doesn't really look Asian to me… but #3 does.
      I'll second the request for a gallery of sexy Asian girls though.

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