These chicks tallied the most ‘Find Her’ requests last week (29 Photos)

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Each week, we post hundreds of anonymous hotties on theCHIVE after which we receive hundreds of 'Find Her' requests. The commenters have a moral obligation to share knowledge if they recognize these girls (some are fairly easy). Here are the chicks that 'sploded my inbox...

  • VPMercado

    #7 is Jaime Koeppe

  • Spencur


  • Tin Eye

    #5 is Sarah Butler
    Tin Eye turned up a gallary of #26 at
    Zhou Wei Tong?

  • Juki

    #15's name is Ashley Vickers… went to high school with her and she was the quiet, unassuming one that everyone ignored… obviously we were all dumbasses.

  • Larry

    #23 made me cry from her beauty! She made my heart stop for like a minute.

    • NONE


  • Duder

    #10, 25 and 28 are perfection

  • Kevrobmc

    #9 really?? #25 yess plsss!

  • Anonymous

    1,19,25 are the same person. Anyone know who she is?

  • dave

    love 'em all but #7 has a great ass and I love #23, looks like a happy girl

  • dave

    #16 is hannah martin front model
    #26 i've seen wearing bikini with "roxy" on it
    #1 want to find her

  • mr x.

    #6 is definitely Jamie Gunns
    She does a lot of modelling work for Go to their dresses section and you will see her. I work there and she is hot. Really long legs!!!

  • haz927

    Find #1 please!!!

  • petepete

    #10 and #16

  • elsewhere

    you guys know about right?

  • FelixMM
  • cam

    #19 = Angie Varona

  • Anonymous

    #14? #14? #14? #14???? and please dont say hayden whatserface.

  • JJ1234

    #7 is Gina Carano – the cage fighter – seriously

  • alphabrav

    #15 – Ashley Valence (maybe other names?)

    #11 – Shae Marks (phone booth is Jerry + Playmates)
    You are welcome, Chivette! (And I've an opening for a mistress if you look anything like Shae!)

  • A-Wall

    Find her please :-):

  • Ryan

    #6 and #15 are the bomb diggity

  • Michael

    Actually we are both right… guess she has a stage name:)

  • Anonymous

    15 is Louise Glover

  • IShldBWorking

    I will get #15 pregnant…immediately! Just saying

  • payazo

    yout phone ??? #24

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