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These chicks tallied the most ‘Find Her’ requests last week (29 Photos)

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Each week, we post hundreds of anonymous hotties on theCHIVE after which we receive hundreds of 'Find Her' requests. The commenters have a moral obligation to share knowledge if they recognize these girls (some are fairly easy). Here are the chicks that 'sploded my inbox...

  • Adam

    #26 i am pretty sure is Misa Campo and number #21 is India Reynolds. Worship her…….

    • Brandon Densley

      nah, Misa has that tattoo on her hip and is more comparable to #21 up top, right? Unless that is a really really old pic cuz that's what I thought at first too…

  • Nick

    some people have weird taste in women….

  • Joe

    #12 is Sadie Jones.

  • lfsg

    seriously? nobody know who #24 is??

  • HoBoGuY

    hmm, that's weird. I found them all hiding in my closet! JACKPOT!

  • Steve

    #4 Holy Shit!!!

  • lombard

    can we please find #20 the BEP asian girl!!!

  • Belgariad
  • Ryan
  • BboyMonkey Marius

    #4 wow🙂 …and #12 looks just like my ex haha

  • Petar Đulabić

    Guys what the hell?!


  • suna

    number #20 Black eyed peas clip woman please find her!

  • jonathan

    #22 and #28

  • Dude

    Who is #14 again? I kind of missed it.

  • Brandon Densley

    ok, here's my .02
    Can we find #28??

  • nick bradshaw

    #23 is "aussie jewel"

  • Josh

    pretty sure #7 is Gina Carano

  • T0pl355

    #23 is AussieJewel

  • Jackson

    #21 is India Reynolds

  • moeshere foxdale

    #12, #14 This really in life that matters right now….MOVE IT>….

  • SoulVictor

    The image of #12 is from like 2006. Anyways her name is Sadie Jones, she's a model who has done topless photoshoots, as well as a rumor that there's a hardcore video.
    Now gimmie a cookie.

  • carlos spicey weiner

    #14 Hayden Panettiere?

    • Daeway

      Nope. This chick has way more assets. I've been hoping for a name for a long time.

  • no 2

    #2 is winnie from wonder years

  • cpt

    for the love of god, why?

    that photo looks to be about 20 years old, but shes likely a model so she shouldnt be hard to find, just depends on whether time was good to her

  • slutnuts

    1, 19, 25 all the same girl

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