These chicks tallied the most ‘Find Her’ requests last week (29 Photos)

Each week, we post hundreds of anonymous hotties on theCHIVE after which we receive hundreds of 'Find Her' requests. The commenters have a moral obligation to share knowledge if they recognize these girls (some are fairly easy). Here are the chicks that 'sploded my inbox...

  • suna

    #13 i wanna sniff her armpits

  • Mike You

    Everyone is wrong with #22. That is Gielle Carlile. Austin Carlile's wife. He was the former singer for bands Attack attack and Of Mice and Men. Fail!

  • Heyooo

    Find them all for the love of god find them all

  • Your_Daddy

    I agree we shouls definitely find them…

  • a.satisfiedbrackman


  • Pete Tobin


  • aerome

    #7 #22

  • 4545

    c'mon find them chive!

  • Trainguy

    #14. I'm certain with every fiber of my being that the water park she's in is Mystic Waters in Des Plaines, IL. That should narrow it down to about a quarter million people in the surrounding suburbs.

  • MacNCheese

    #21 and #23 NOW! I COMMAND IT! MAKE IT SO!!

  • Maynard B

    #15- Alright guys, listen up, I posted this last week. Her name is Ashley Ann. She is from Nashville. Go to and click the link for hometown hotties. She was a finalist and I can't believe she didn't win, especially considering how many times I voted for her. Ashley Ann, say the word and I will devote the rest of my days to you my dear.

  • D-Roc

    You guys should try using tineye ( It's a reverse image search engine. Basically, you plug in the URL of an image and will show you where else on the internet that image can be found.

  • anon

    #12 is an ex nudie model named Sadie Jenkins

  • David from SC

    You know you've got an excellent gallery when Chivettes are begging to find them. Well done.
    side note: #22 literally causes salivation. literally.

  • Dom

    No one has comments on #16 ?
    That pose drives me absolutely nuts.

  • Cliff949

    #10 is Jaime Laycock. Her pics are all over the net

  • Slayter1102

    #15 for god's sake!!!!!!

  • Chris


  • Anonymous

    If im not mistaken I think #2 is the chick who played winnie cooper from the wonder years.

  • me&me.again

    #15 is a model carla ossa , google her !!!!!!

  • Daniel Schnorr

    #12 might be Sadie Jones (not the movie character)

  • sms

    the one from the phonebooth;shay marks?

  • paul

    #23 is actually a porn star, sadly I know this…….

  • Nick

    #15 #21 #22 unbelievable silks and tekkers.

    who in their right mind wants to see MOAR of #17 ? Appart from the police because she is wanted for shop lifting?

  • dnx@

    #4 is Shlomit Rieger…

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