They should make straight jackets in pink (21 photos)

  • mipo2010

    Batsh!t crazy all over this post

  • Keith

    Never have liked Rihanna's hair like that.. Woooooah, there's a nipple in that picture. Thanks Chive #10

    • Rick

      love it

  • HoBoGuY

    I want to be a part of #2 and #7

    • Luke

      There is a whole montage that belongs to 7, includes nudity.

  • robin yates

    they all look like good fun to me, thanks

  • Vince

    #12 I wanna party with HER!

    • jjjj

      get that bitch a straight jacket. bitches love straight jackets.

    • Parkatola


    • Logic76

      ,,,,and then amy winehouse was born

  • hyperion.pantibiblon

    #2 -Premium
    #3 – Kinda like it. She's hot anyway
    #10 – 2 bad you ain't got big nipples
    #12 – My kind of girl
    #15 – W.T.F…………Wait ……….what?

  • Shawn

    #13 this pic just made my day I'll drink this vodka with her anyday!!!

    #11 I need one of her I think I'd let her kick my a$$!!!

    • StS

      Dude, I am from Bulgaria, they make this vodka here and I can tell you- you can go blind from it, it's fucking terrible! The model is ok though 😉

    • dreamkeeper

      Запазва споментие = preserve the memories

  • Yumper

    There's something about #5 that intrigues me……….can't quite put my finger in it……….I mean ON it…

  • MigraineBoy

    Find #2 for her own gallery and #18 rocks!

    I love "My Name is Earl"!

    That is all.

    • MigraineBoy

      Find #3 also!

  • Ben

    I like the group in #7. Ill hang out with them. Although it might be a trap…

    • Hamlap

      It is: it's darth vader having some fun with hot chicks

  • Simon

    I DONT KNOW GUYS . Alcohol and Girls dont mix for us intelligent guy. i prefer a Girl playing with a Cat like in the last Post i Saw. Or somwthing beautiful.

    • trollin


    • Mike

      If you are going to talk about how intelligent you are please use spell check and also check your grammar.

    • Brewdy

      I'm also calling bull on this. I kick ass at Jeopardy but I love a girl who knows how to party hard. In fact, if my girl doesn’t enjoy a stiff drink on occasion I get bored real fast regardless how good of a conversationalists she is!

  • theamazingwhitebread


    • yup

      Could be that she takes up very little space in bed, more room for the man.

  • Dirtball

    Psycho chicks are never boring

    • feklar

      A truer statement has never been posted.

    • mememe

      sometimes fun, other times chaotic… never boring

    • aosux

      So you're saying that no chick is boring. Got it.

  • stafferty

    #19 A formula that instantly blows clothing off of women. I could find a use for that.

    • Brand_n

      I know of two: gin and tequila.

  • jlittle44

    #3 is pretty friggin hot.

  • Guest

    #17 is hot!!!!!!!!!! who is she?????

    • top dog

      Somebody thats trying to keep her job.

  • brent

    hot for words.

  • 50-50

    #13….hahahaha….that's awesome. I concur on #3…moar plz.

  • P-90

    #11 Dead or Alive.

    • Brandon Densley

      stupid stupid movie, but hot chicks!

  • R Kelly

    Who is #19 ???

  • teximport

    NICE post ! My favorite kinda girls are # 3, #5, # 13, # 17, # 18.
    please find #s 3 and 17. Flexible chicks are the BEST !!

  • teximport


  • top dog

    #13, Only a mature man would know what that means. I'll give you a hint, she's not in construction.

    • Benjamin Dennison

      Time for a raise?

    • Stevo

      Mature man my hole, any teenager would get that joke.

  • Princeton

    #3 #19 Who cares if they're crazy? Just hot!

  • Spiderpig615

    Has the Chive become so popular that I can barely comment on the first page??

    • uberbrie isn'

      Yes, I was just looking at some of the posts from when I discover

      • uberbrie isn't

        ed the chive…its only a few people commenting…craziness

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