Been a lot of talk about beer on theCHIVE last couple days… (28 HQ Photos)

  • Doug

    come on Chive, you forgot some of the best beers, Duvel, the original and best Budweiser (Budvar/Czechvar), Pilsner Urquell and any beer from the most original and creative microbrewery anywhere Brewdog including Tactical Nuclear Penguin and the most alchoholic beer in the world Sink the Bismarck which has an alchohol content of 41%!

  • top dog

    German beer is better than all of em.

  • God help me...

    The lack of AleSmith representation is a travesty.

  • Cqcumber

    get some Negra Modelo (not the Modelo special), the mexican dark ale. it's amazing with piece of lime.

  • old greg

    what no Montey Python and the Holy Ale on here?

  • equalizermax

    Guinness is still the best!

  • Zach

    Definitely all about the Franziskamer…also, the Koelsch is freaking delicious

  • Orlandu

    Any Grolsch (i hope i spelled that right…) fans in here? Bring back the Pop-Top!

  • kingblc

    Anyone ever have Caffrey's Irish Ale? I miss it sometimes

  • raggs

    #15 and #24 My favorites!

  • hypno germ

    14 is awesome! I just had it for the first time in Germany two weeks ago. Loved it.

  • Duf

    #17 Mmmm… Ya des Québecois sur TheChive !!! Nice!!!

  • hater

    Fat tire, Stella, Heineken… 3 of the worst beers ever made. Soooo many sheep in the world.

  • mtella88

    #11 YEAH!!! DENMARK!!! AWESOME!!!

  • Adam

    Some good looking beers here. Quite lik-Newcastle Brown….in a glass? You ought to be ashamed.

  • Dustmiretheturd

    #23 #25 eat it

  • Holly Sands

    #13 – Newkie Brown. She is a truly a thing of beauty.

  • Anonymous

    Huh, never would have pegged Petaluma as a big microbrew place.

  • Matthew

    #22 Is very nice (if you like coffee), you have to watch it or you'll end up on your ass.

  • Cudaman

    No Pete's Wicked Ale?

  • mahvel

    No German weissbier? Everybody here who loves beer has to taste König Ludwig Weissbier!

    Greets from Finland,

  • Beer-Gasmin « The Pint Glass

    […] Look at all the hi-res pics here! […]

  • Frankie Muniz

    #19 worst hangover in my life. Had about 8 of those in Trieste Italy back in my youth. Holy Damn that was one wicked hangover.

  • Bryon T. Pischke

    Lagunitas. No Dogfish Head though?

  • Always Last


    • bumble

      So close!!!

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