Breadletes, brelebs and a whole truck load of WTF (31 Photos)

  • ben


    • Spencer Thomson


      • annoyed

        Can we please get rid of this Spencer weirdo? It's getting old.

  • ben2


  • tommybhoy

    This definitely rates about a 9.0 on my weird-shit-o-meter

  • Guest

    that might be the dumbest thing i've ever seen on here. Congrats

    • hector

      Agree, but strangely i'm laughing a lot

  • Dano

    My brain just exploded

  • blake honda

    Imagine being this person's boyfriend/girlfriend with his/her fetish of wheat products.

  • one portion of your chive A day

    Am I the only one who loves this idea?

    • Veerdo

      No….there are others….

    • Tyler

      it's phenomenal

  • Crystal

    One of the lamest memes ever?

    • Anon

      Probably cos it's not a meme…

  • Scared

    I'm scared

  • [clevernamehere]

    Although the pictures will give children nightmares, the creativity to come up with the list of names must be admired. And the amount of weed that must have been consumed during the creation of said list must be admired as well.

    Good on ya.

  • Pants

    I can't decide if this is genius or completely retarded.

    • Displayed

      I'm opting for the latter of your 2 choices.

  • Phondo

    I found myself scrolling faster and faster. Not so much WTF — more just WHATEVER.

  • kevguy

    'wheat' be better off without this post

    • betamaxbandit

      Sir, I toast your ingenuity

      • puns

        I Don't get what you just did right there

  • Sizzle

    Unless someone can convince me why I should think otherwise, I'm giving this a resounding "meh."

  • VinceMcMuffin

    Bread "Hitman" Hart…. the toast there is, the toast there was, and the toast that there ever will be!

    …and now I feel bad for contributing to this WTFness…

  • gozer

    This is stupid.

  • stafferty

    Someone has been doing the "low carb" thing for way too long.

  • the robb

    oh come on! this was hilarious and a bit smart. Bun Jovi LOL!

    Now I'm going back to the Happy-Hump day post, what the hell am I doing here???

  • top dog

    Some of that actually fit, they should wear it.

  • zym

    I'm looking through, no reaction, get to 5, start to giggle, get to 20, start to laugh, get to Wheat Loaf and kinda lose my shit.

    • betamaxbandit

      Did you pinch a loaf?

      • top dog

        no I cup a squat.

  • Jake

    #26 – Hilarious!

    • misainzig

      I thought that was the best.

  • hamster huey

    wow. complete crap

  • TCB12


  • mattythegooch

    were 31 of these necessary?

  • Locode

    I snickered at #19.

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