Engineering fail: Train brake pads overheat on a wooden bridge (6 Photos)

  • Mac

    Thats a hot track

    • Anonymous

      No kidding

    • NONEYA

      BOOM!!! With the zinger!

  • Stan

    first reaction: take pictures, post on chive

    • Trainman

      Well, this accident took place in 2002, so I wouldn't call the "post on chive" part a first reaction…

    • _HypoLuxa_

      first reaction: take pictures . . . then create TheChive . . . then post on TheChive

  • tommybhoy

    Didn't think they had wooden bridges anymore….because of stuff like that

    • uberbrie isn't

      only in the US…we don't have what i would call "foresight"

  • landomcdando

    who's got the marshmallows?!?!

  • Irock

    He burned his bridge….he'll never get another job.

    • chuck

      I see what you did there.

  • jacob

    those pictures are all better than Unstoppable.

    • Kevin Waller


  • jken

    Why would you stop the train on a bridge? And why, when it starts burning, would you not get it moving OFF the bridge?

    • paulhitchcock

      According to snopes, railroad regulations prohibit moving a train with a defective part. When the crew realized the bridge was on fire, they contacted the higher-ups and asked for permission to move the train off the bridge. The higher-ups told them they couldn't move the train because of the defective part. So they unhooked all the cars that weren't on the bridge and let the others fall in the creek.

      • Wakka Wakka

        Insurance claim? someone got paid

    • pashmr

      fried brakes were prolly siezed up and the train could not move.

  • ssf

    Until "Hey, Soul Sister" was released this was the biggest Train disaster of the decade.

    • joeoby78


    • HoBoGuY

      bwhaha! Oh snap!

  • youdummy

    that whole thing was just a train wreck

  • Giorgos

    talk about epic fail

  • gator

    the train went down down down in a burnin blaze of fire…..

  • Great White North

    "Hey Jeb, help me & Billy put that fire out"
    "I don't think so Jim-Bob, my brother's got a line of the contract to build a new bridge"

  • mike


  • equalizermax

    This is a repost

  • Logic76

    disgruntled conductor decided to gtfo and move on, even if that meant burning bridges!

  • beckbeck57

    Where is the story that goes with this? Did anyone survive? Where did this happen?

    • Dandude

      your aware this is a freight train? the only thing that didn't survive were the cars that fell in the river

  • mojo420jojo

    Going back to the future, your doing it wrong….

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