Happy Hump-Day! (10 Photos)

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  • hobbes

    finally! balck woman on this site..'bout time

    • proper

      as a black man i just gotta say who cares. besides white girls are way hotter

  • Finster

    In the immortal words of Ron Burgandy: "…I wanna be on that." #1 #9 #10

  • Pat

    Except for #11 All win!

  • deez

    now in HQ please

  • ♦K♦

    #16 Wow!!

  • http://KellyWet4CigarSmokingGuysATyahoo.com KellySquirter

    #11 is hilarious

  • Earl da Squirrel

    #9 and #16…that's about as good as some ass can get right thar!! 🙂

  • URDumb

    Thank you Chive!

  • djdan

    Wow…#2 i'd eat with a spoon….
    more A and less T please
    a weekly rump post would be epic

  • Ely

    Oh man very yummy…cant tell Best Post in a while, Ass get me every time.

  • fatlizard

    We always see lower ack problems::: what about Lowest back problems or Rump Roast or just call it your daily trunk

  • TheDonger

    I would like to motorboat all those asses – except for 11, 18, and 21.
    11 is obvious
    18 isn't a racist thing, I just don't like sand in my mouth
    21 aint got the goods like the others

  • chuck

    i have a sudden urge for slapping my monitor

  • Loccus

    God I love ass

  • dooder

    Isn't #8 a mannequin?

    • napamamascribe

      nope she's #3

  • Greg

    #3, #7, #16, #20 – see you in my dreams tonight.

  • ckbdiver82

    thank you chive thank you can we make this a weekly thing poor favor?

  • theone

    pure genius all these nice butts nom nom nom nom good jobs guys now put some moar!!

  • Jonathen


  • Dizzle

    it is your duty to find #9 and have a whole post dedicated to her, thank you chive, thank you!

    • Eric

      Do a Google search on Fenny Argentina.

      • do it

        or you can just got to supertangas.com and enjoy all the other ass on there. fenny is there too.

  • Shiyan

    I nominate this thread of pics as the BEST ONE EVER!!!!!!

  • vince

    I'm all warm and tingley inside now…. ❤ ❤

  • aaron

    number 3 and number 8 are the same but edited

  • >18Only

    #2 is WIN!

  • vince

    Being an ass-man all my life has just been validated. B)

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