It’s winter, escape to a $60 Million vacation home (27 Photos)

This sick mansion is located in the Cayman Islands. It's yours for a cool $60 Mil.

  • Great Idea

    Looks like a small hotel. Everyone in for a timeshare?

  • BudhHA

    nice pad



  • Eazy E

    Sometimes…I hate other people. This is one of those times.

  • Eastyn

    I'll just live in here, thanks.

  • Drel

    Hey, why are you in my house without Permission and taking Pictures?!

  • j-man

    this place + girls with future lower back problems = epic vacation.

    • Vince

      Girls with future lower back problems are included when you pay 60 millions. Strangely, this mansion acts like a magnet towards them.

    • Lev

      There are so many awesome places to have sex in that house…

  • stafferty

    #4 Is that the pool from Last Action Hero? (I know horrible movie, but it is hysterical after a half-dozen beers)

    • nicknamesrirelavent

      sweet soundtrack though!
      alice in chains, acdc and megadeth FTW!

  • fng

    That place is really nice. Too big though. You can find me in the theater room passed out. Beer cans all overe the floor. #22

  • KUI

    That's one ugly mansion, if you ask me.

    • Davvvvvvve

      No one asked you …

      • Tom

        Burnnnn .. lol

  • Tom

    That cave/hot tub room is too freakin sweet. That's a true panty dropper.

  • Kayden

    And its tax free right? lol

    • caymanian

      thats right, in other words you can pay 60 million for this house and NEVER have to worry about property tax, you can leave it as is for 50 years and that bad boy will still be yours….gotta love the cayman islands.

  • WTFever

    I was feeling pretty good about my life til just now…..

  • Christian

    I'd buy that for a dollar.

  • myself

    It'll be under water in a few years time by the looks of it. Poor investment.

  • mattythegooch

    I've never understood the reasoning of having a fucking pool, when you live on a prestine ocean?!

    • kitchman

      easier to fronk in the pool

    • Guest

      less risk of being bitten in half by a shark.

  • top dog

    The closest I'll ever get to $60 mil is writting it down on paper, but I'll pay that for it if they'll take it. That would be like trying to buy one slice of bread out of a loaf….probably.

  • St.Christopher

    waste of 60 million.

  • Rick

    #22 very disappointing on the size of the screen

  • The Dood

    If anyone needs me I'll be smokin' a bowl and tripping my brains out in the purple cave.

  • 50-50

    #9….that's tits.

  • slushpuppy69

    I hope it has central air. If so, I might be interested. My trailer only has a window unit in the bedroom.

  • @valorikx221

    No matter how ugly you may be, with this house, you can have whatever kind of poon you wanted.

  • HoJoon Choi

    all that money and they still can't buy taste.

  • BaJezzus

    #9 Imma get these bitches a cave pool, bitches love cave pools

    • Mal


  • Daemon

    #25 For $60 million, the least they could do is fill the wine cellar…

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