It’s winter, escape to a $60 Million vacation home (27 Photos)

This sick mansion is located in the Cayman Islands. It's yours for a cool $60 Mil.

  • Diana Santos

    #9 wow…that's fabulous ❤

  • jps

    i want to go to there

  • Jim

    This is when you know that you officially made it

  • Gazza

    #24 all that cash and theyre still out of toilet paper

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    Ill bid 150,000 thats all its worth

  • mememe

    if you had that kind of money, you wouldnt have to choose between one or the other

  • DRob

    And there's the problem with the world….. the rich keep getting richer while the working poor keep getting poorer…..

  • Bud Ugly

    Psh, all that is about the size of my living room.

    Kidding. I live out of my car.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    That place freaking rocks…man…

  • HM3(FMF)Brown

    If i had $60m plus an additional $1-2m per year for upkeep, id totally buy it right no…but sadly i dont! Im just a lowly E-4 in the Navy, lol

    • amrith777

      At least you're doing something with your life.

  • Logic76

    wow, they really fixed up iron mike's place!

  • cordog

    as seen on cribs: dictators & supervillains edition

  • aret

    do want

  • Ken

    I guarantee anyone that afford that place won't give a rat's ass what any of us think about it.

    But it is so close to the ocean that it looks like it is one storm away from being $60MIl worth of driftwood.

    And not much of a yard for $60Mil. Love the billiards room, though.

  • Chester

    Best place ever. I'm marrying a potentially rich man.

  • Kevin

    The TV's too small! And there's no place to hook up computers and a gigantic sound system to it…

  • KingdomCome

    it's like the playboy bunny of mansions.
    Yeah, it's got all the things you thought you'd want, but in reality, you'd just feel awkward when you were there and you just can't shake the feeling it would feel sad and empty

  • M@D

    Who wants this rich bastards house to be leveled by the next hurricane?

  • tictac

    naaa I pass…there is a road passing near by the entrance… :p

    • caymanian

      it's called a neighborhood

  • Rogen Lobaton

    #9 its connected to the bat cave

  • thetommynews

    Twenty bucks says some guy on Wall Street owns this place. You gotta love the Caymans 🙂

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