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Earlier today, I put up a beer-themed HQ post (here). The purpose of the post was mostly to bookend the obvious beer themes that developed on theCHIVE Monday and Tuesday; I wasn't trying to accurately rank the best beers in the world or anything. But I've already received dozens of emails from people, countries, and college campuses who feel like their beers deserve exposure to our many Chivers.
So for the next hour, Bob and I are standing by ready to field your beer-mails. We'll post your favorite beers as soon as they show up. Feel free to add text (yourself) if you like. Just use our handy-dandy upload page or thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Get moving, Chivers. This is your chance to showcase your favorite local/regional beer. So do it for your country... literally.

UPDATE: SESSION CLOSED: Thanks to all the Chivers who participated in this little science experiment. We received over a thousand emails last hour... unreal. Check back tomorrow. We're going to be predicting futures!

  • Firsty


    • Del

      Fuku McFuckerston

      • Firsty

        Fuck you McFuckerson – Fixed

        If you going to take the time to e-sult me, then take the extra 10 seconds to make it grammatically correct.

        • Spencer Thomson

          hey McFirsterson, may i put my penis in your ass, cause by the sounds of it you and me are the exact same personality and i would love to be homo with you. Then maybe we could invite over some trannys too tie us down and ruin our holes. then we can suck there dicks till they explode all over us. then after that we can watch brokeback mountain together cause thats our favorite movie. Then after all that you can finger my asshole all night long.

          • Firsty

            I'm busy that weekend, but i'm sure Del would go with.

            • Matt

              oh im available! Spency!!! fuckin fag! I love you.

  • equalizermax

    This better be good…

    • Royce

      Only 1 Samuel Adams? Sad day. Thumbs for Samuel Adams———————————————>

  • Sizzle

    If anyone posts heineken Imma stab a bitch!

    • Brad

      I agree, the people who say Heineken is a good beer don't understand what a good beer is. Heineken goes for that skunky taste…

      • Frisk

        It's like the guy who posted Stella Artois…
        Seriously? We got more then 100 beers in Belgium and he picks Stella? That's one of the worst!

    • Bober

      Heineken!? fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!!!

      • Sizzle

        Apparently no one else got the Blue Velvet reference, but I did. Dennis Hopper's the fuckin' man!

        • Bober

          lol thank you

        • Spencer Thomson

          i'll let a man fuck me cause im a flaming homosexual.

    • stafferty

      I actually tried heineken five or six times, thinking I kept getting a skunked beer. I have no idea why people like it.

      And people who like Heineken Premium Lights should be beaten to death with their presummed collection of Ed Hardy shirts and drowned in tanning lotion.

    • drea

      heineken tastes like weed

    • Six

      Yeah, says the guy that drings Keystone light! #15 the best!

  • fanofbigboobies

    i wanted to point out this site in relation to the topic:

    you're welcome.

  • Brad

    Pabst? Ok hipsters…

    • topher

      I agree. I think this post should say, "Find the weirdest beer you've ever had and submit it."

      • Kyle

        Hey, it beats Milwaukee's Best. Not by much, but it does.

    • idoubtyouveheardofit

      and this is why I hate hipsters. What did PBR ever do to deserve such a fate? Shit beer? Of course. But better, stronger and cheaper than most other shitty domestics, it's been a solid backup since a time when nobody knew what a hipster was. *Sigh*, those were the days…

      • Keith Stone

        Fucking Hipsters!!! I used to love PBR..and not to be ironic, but because its cheap, still has some flavor and gets you drunk. I live in Savannah( the 7th layer of hipster hell) and its so bad that PBR costs more because that's what all the trust fund hipster douches drink.

  • Jeeesh

    Christmas Ale FTW!!!!

  • Trox

    The dude with the ankle tat and camo shorts sent in PBR…Way to perpetuate the stereotype.

  • Brad

    that brazilian beer, Nova Schinn, is their non-alcohol beer…

    Skol is better…

  • @valorikx221

    Busch Light is my daily drinker. If I go out at a bar, it's Guinness or New Castle

  • Roscoe

    #9 Really?

    • PBR4LIFE

      before all the hipster douchebags started drinking it because it was well, who knows why they do what they do. PBR is the shit for a cheap beer. Tastes better than any other Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors, etc. and at about 2/3rd the price. Dont let all these trendy cocksuckers ruin an actually good, cheap beer!

      • Rainier

        Rainier is about 100 times better… and not douchey!

        • Rainier


        • mikeee

          I can't get Rainier so PBR it is…

          • fox06

            PBR, that's just American!

            • Bisketz


      • ryan

        The only two people I know who would even consider drinking PBR are about as far away from being Hipsters as someone could possible be, that being said I find it to slightly more palatable than skunk piss.

  • Christopher

    #7 Is good with a slice of orange.

    • Sizzle

      Yeah if you have a vagina.

    • ????

      great beer for lacross games.

    • guest

      If you are a woman… You want a fruity drink, go buy a wine cooler!

    • Jim M

      Most of the good things you taste in beer come from the evaporating alcohol reaching your nose; a lot of that comes from the head of the beer. Adding citric acid kills the head and therefore most of the flavor of the beer itself. If you have to add something to the beer to make it good then it's not good beer. Find some Schneiderweissen and you'll see what I mean.

    • JRH

      It already has the orange in it…

    • kaveman4130

      aye ya blouse wearin poodle walker

  • Gregory Nelson Courtney

    #26!!! I haven't had moose drool in so long, good to know Montanans are chivers too! 😀

    • mase


    • excuse me

      That my friend is not Mose Drool that is a picture of Sunshine Wheat Beer by New Belgium Brewing

      • .

        it anit Moose Drool either.

        • Gregory Nelson Courtney

          they must have changed out the picture because it's not up there anymore, and someone two comments down also commented on moose drool too so i know i'm not crazy!

          • Roy Munson

            yeah it was moose drool, i dont know what happened, pic is not on the list anymore 😦

    • Rob

      Sunshine Wheat. Best Beer on the planet!!! I only wish they sold it here in Ga!

  • BudHA

    Kozell. Had it in Prague. Like alcolhic caramel

  • nwest

    #26 Moose Drool is good, but Powder Hound (also by Big Sky) is the best..

  • tico

    33 rocks!!!!!!! PURA VIDA COSTA RICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • spstefano

      gotta love costa rica

  • MigraineBoy

    #11…Most badly poured Hoegaarden I've ever seen.

    • Anonymous

      And yet, it's still the best beer in the world.

      • MigraineBoy

        I know, I live in Belgium.

  • Bisp

    Mmm… Big Rock, Honey Brown is the best

  • Sarah

    yall are haters. i actually like pabst and they sell it at a local bar in bowers beach, de for 75 cent drafts. best deal around 🙂

    • PBR4LIFE

      and better tasting than everything thats at least 3-4 dollars more!

    • TheDonger

      Cold PBR on tap, on the cheap is very tasty indeed. Don't like it in a can and people probably think you are a hipster douche….

    • Bill

      where is that? Im 5 min away from bowers in magnolia

  • GTO

    wish i could…working

  • Stafferty

    #33 Best beer in CT, I used to drink it in class all the time.
    I love #35 too, picked it up since the name amused me,and really liked it. A Little heavier than Guinness but still a great after-work beer. Best thing to ever come out of Akron. (Seriously, Fuck Lebron.)

    • RobertQ

      Where did you buy #36 im from AZ

      • Stafferty

        Sorry, that was a typo, I meant the Hooker Red and the Old Leg-Humper. Hooker is in most decent Liquor stores around CT and I found Leg Humper in RI actually.

  • The Dude

    John and Leo you must drink all of these beers tonight and tell us which is the winner.

  • nzchiver


    Thanks for the Michigan Beer at #2 and #3! Michigan is a great beer state!

    I have and always will be a very loyal chiver and beer drinker!

    • Patrick

      also a yay for MI beers. I know one of the brewers from the Arbor Brewing Co.

    • @cbarbour

      Agreed. Founders, New Holland, Bells. Yum!

    • Eddy

      Sacred Cow FTW….Ypsilanti Corner Brewery is by far the best place on earth

  • Sizzle

    #67 yes, anything by Troegs is the dog's balls. The only thing that makes me miss living in Pennsylvania.

    • Adam

      SKA Brewing Company is in Durango Colorado. FAIL!

      • Miniskirtninja

        Fuck Yeah for Ska! and Durango!

    • Locode

      dog's balls (aka bollocks) isn't exactly something good.

  • Mike

    #10 takes the cake!

    • Bisketz

      Effin sucks. 12 Dogs of Christmas is so much better. Cheaper and more Alcohol!

  • Diego Roccatti

    #37 is tha shit

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