Daily Afternoon Randomness (39 Photos)

  • busted

    #17…Cosby Sweater?

  • Steve Lee

    #7 is everywhere! there is literally a billion on fotolia


    #11 Stormy with a chance of I AM ACTUALLY A DUDE! FAIL

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      yeah, that one failed well before it was even posted. she is beat.

    • chrissy

      70% chance of dude, 99% chance of inbred…..love chrissy

  • theone

    need MOAR of #18 and #36 just can't get enough

  • llama4114

    #13 that's why i keep my money in books.. people who are going to rob you are not going to take your books


      Wow…genius. No robber on the planet has ever heard of people hiding valuable shit in books!
      Ever seen a movie?
      Your idea=fail

      • wasd

        I would have to agreed besides all you need to do is open a book upside down and all your money falls out

  • exgme

    #23 is there no face for a reason?

  • Biz

    #18 – not her. Not by a long shot.

  • adam

    #5 really she's all grown up scary how time flys bye.

  • isawoj

    #18 is not the same girl. 18 is clearly Hayden Paneterre's doppleganger with a better rack.

  • Anonymous

    #32 does YouTube workouts now but she also does porn

  • TCB12

    #35 managed to transform from a skinny douche to a muscular douche, so he's got that going for him.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #18 No thats not her…
    can't be,
    my dreams,
    all my dreams are fucked now….

  • Anonymous

    Whoever took this pic is the motherf*cking man. I owe you a beer.

  • Tomas

    1st photo in #18 is Hayden Panettiere. She's an actress

    • jjj

      thats not hayden.
      Hayden has never and still doesn't have jugs like that.

      • tag

        Agreed, who keeps suggesting that at all? Look at her face, and her head. Different look, different shape, different girl. The search is not over!

  • obi two

    any channels meteorologist from L.A. county

    • John

      Agree B)

  • Tomas

    #18 is Hayden Panettiere. How doesn't anyone know this?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=617461769 Kjell King

      No it's not. Looks kind of liker her, but it's not her

  • wyatt

    #32 is Zuzana Light….yes, yes i would, with no hesitation.

  • toby

    #18 – it's her. went to school with her. name is Holly.

    • Den

      Holly what?!?!!? We need this!

      • do it

        send more pics!

    • Landan

      No that is not holly. I don't know who the first girl is but the bottom two pictures are of Hope Schieber. I was friends with her younger sister and she is room mates with my cousin. The guy in the second picture is my cousins boyfriend.

  • Bob

    #11 is awesome.

    #32 yes

    #4 is why I love being a man

  • ClariseStarling

    32 and 36, muy yes

  • Danny P

    Skaters gonna skate

  • rob

    Hell ya I would #32

  • jimbee89
  • jimbee89
  • Buddy

    #35 Steroids FTW!!

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