Daily Afternoon Randomness (39 Photos)

  • Speedy

    how do i get in contact with #36?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1211787995 Keith Piscitelli

    Nose, what nose?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=617461769 Kjell King

    #36 is like two puppies fighting underneath a blanket.

  • Mr. Awesomeness

    #18 – No, it's not her. In the first photo she has a noticeable mole on the left side of her face, a few inches away from her lip. The girls in the other photos do not.

    #32 – Of course. What the hell kind of question is that? A gay test?

    #35 – 2 years and you're still a douchebag?

  • Danny

    #15 better not be a joke, if not FUCK YEAH

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000137823698 Krystal Wulf

    Can someone tell me who made #17

  • gator

    #35 and…. your still a douche

    • Bdrizzle

      He became an even bigger douche – why the hell is he trying to show off his underwear???

    • Roclawzi

      And, 75 pounds of muscle, even over 2 years, is unlikely to happen without…help.

      So, from Ziggy Stardust to Twilight, in just two years. And still taking self shots. Well, at least you'll have the pleasure of waking up, looking in the mirror, and knowing that everyone you care about is alive.

      • Gutterville

        Im no hater but 34kgs of muscle wieght is definitely a juice head. either you're lying about the 2 years or you're taking steroids
        im only a year into my fitness and i've only put of 12Kgs of muscle ( some many be FAT too)

        • Marine

          I'm so glad I have never taken advice from you idiots. Go check out T-nation.com. 50 pounds of weight in a year is do able with 5,000-6,000 kcals a day every day the cost is HUGE but it does work. I went from 142 to 196 and leaned out in 2 years. no juice. As a Marine and fighter I'm tested. – Maybe you should learn to work out and diet correctly. AND stay at it more than the first month after jan 1st?

          • Marine

            ALSO For novices (like he was at the time.) juice often with out the right diet will gain weight at roughly the same rate as a great diet because shit he's a novice anything he does the first six months with good weight and form with put weight on like a frieght train. I.E bench,pull ups, dead lift, squat, clean and jerk, chest dips and sit ups would flippin work out well for the first bit.

            • Adult Male

              I agree with Marine. I put on 40 pounds in 3 months. No juice, gallon of whole milk a day, and a lot of backsquat. Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe or 70sBig dot com

              • Lookhowstrongiam

                I hear you! I put on 40 pounds last week (ate a whole swine and drank 4 gallons of it's fat)

            • rorey

              ^ Straight up even if this guy took roids your right eat a shit load and work our hard for a long time and its possible

            • rorey

              ^ agreed

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669440656 Steve Shaw

      We need less #35 and more #4

    • mike

      y just because he's healthy?

    • FartFace

      Yeah, scrawny douche to big stupid douche. Way to go, douche. I don't want to say I hope he gets hit by a bus or something like that, but my fingers are crossed. Here's hoping.

    • John

      5 replies and no one calls out "You're not your"? Internet trolls are slacking these days!

      • hMMMM

        You forgot a comma.

    • TylerV

      beat me to the punch! damn it!

      • Jen

        i was gonna say the same thing. he went from just being a douche to a douche that actually gets pussy. hell, id give it to him.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669440656 Steve Shaw

          And you'd probably leave just as unsatisfied as the last broad he gave the herps to.

    • Khaki Mallard

      Yeah, he may be ripped, but he's got a figgin' MULLET! "Hello, 1986 called and wants its hair back."

  • Matt

    #4 and #36

    CHIVE! we need another Tush gallery in hQ!

  • FartFace

    #28 makes me sad to be a human.

  • chris

    #36 more!!!

  • beerdrank

    wow number 31 is amazing….the beauty brings a tear to my eye.

  • Adam

    #5 is just well. never thought she would turn out like that pretty darn hot.
    #36 we deeply appreciate that thank you 😀

  • BloodScrubber

    The frog vs fly battle is totally hilarious!
    No 36 gives you a warm feeling even on a coldassed day. Excellent shot.

  • The Dude

    32: YES

  • Found Her

    #32 Hell yes. Aaand if the Chivery would like to see what that might look like, try googling Susanna Spears. Zuzana Light = Susana Spears.

  • Becca

    #35 great job!! Look' really good! I would definitely do ya..I am a girl BTW.

  • goonerluke


  • The Spicy Italian

    Winter has been defied…#36 has found a way to be sexy in winter clothing

  • Dave


    Don't care, find either of them!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000470425716 Diana Santos

    #6 he's not a girl..he is something undefined ^_^

  • My_Rushmore

    #29 looks weirdly like Jimmy Carr

  • Farrariz

    You did a good thing by taking that picture… Thank you

  • Belldemon

    This future skydiver loves #30. Awesome look down from the top of a modified Mr. Bill. At least I think that's what it is called. I don't actually start my training until this spring 🙂

    • Belldemon

      Dammit, went and looked it up, looks like a hybrid. Google images is your friend.

  • blitzk

    #36 *sighs* just perfect.

  • http://www.facebook.com/greguire Gregory Nelson Courtney

    #5…. wow.

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