Meet Jessica aka ‘Gamer Girl’ (15 Photos)

About a month ago, we posted a photo of a sexy girl in a Super Mario t-shirt. The photo subsequently torched the internet. The anonymous hottie became the darling of gaming chat rooms and forums across the world who nicknamed her 'Gamer Girl'.
Here at theCHIVE we received thousands of requests for 'MOAR Gamer Girl'. Well we found her. Her name is Jessica Condrey. Yes, she is an actual hard-core gamer. Jess honestly didn't want to do this but she finally agreed that the gaming world is chock-full of fake gamer girls and we needed to give the geeks something real for a change. I'll let Jessica take it from here:

I'm 25, from the USA- aka "The South" in the North Carolina mountains in a small town from hell :p
I work as a pharmacy Technician and I am still attending college.
I love to play my PS3, currently on Call of Duty Black Ops almost every night.
If you get me started on video game talk, I can really wade deep in the nerd waters. But I'll hush for now;)
I mostly just have guy friends because honestly I dont have nuch in common with girls. - I drink beer and, what can I say, I think farts are funny.
I've studied martial arts for over 12 years now and I consider it a way of life rather then just exercise.
I can draw pretty damn well too. I have most all of it posted on my facebook, but its just another hobby. My humor is usually crude and cynical, I feel like a college frat guy sometimes haha;) At the very least, you'll never catch me in any duckface poses. Anyways, I hate to rant so there ya go.

If you wanna ask me any questions, I dont mind answering 🙂

- Jess

  • daniel

    #8 Beautiful.

    • Isaac fuckin Newton

      Not hating at all, you are very sexy, just an observation. You are pretty pale for spending so much time tanning.

      • aosux

        Nice Dazed and Confused reference

    • Benjamin Carnahan

      While I would love to see more skin, one very attractive quality about her is that she isn't a total slut like some of the girls with gallerys on here. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about those other galleries. But this girl takes the cake.

    • wasd

      get an xbox

    • DA-YUM


    • Anonymous

      marry me, jessica. im rich.

  • johnson davis

    get your thumbs out for Jessica ————->

    • thomas

      You have my thumb

      • mick

        and my sword!

      • Maz

        And my Axe!

      • nolanorion13

        And my dong!

        • mememe

          and my bong!

          • USMC vet

            and my schlong!

            • McLovin' It

              lets play some pong!

              • schnizz

                or Donkey Kong!

    • GamerWannabe

      I'd like to get my thumb IN Jessica!!

      • Speedy

        you sir, are a douchebag and a half.

        • Zachary R. Jakubiak

          This is getting long.

          • Zachary R. Jakubiak

            Why can't I delete my own messages? I suck.

          • MigraineBoy

            you're not wrong.

            • OneClownShoe

              Cheech and Chong!

              • Avante

                Who's up for singing a song?

                • dlopes

                  well the thong song would be wrong since there is no thong 😦

                  • ros

                    so so wong!

                    • james

                      epic…..sorry did i ruin it?

    • john dory


  • nathan

    "She's got everything I need… Pharmacy keys" great song and I think its appropriate here.

    • Dan

      Perfect! If she admits to loving APC… I think I will marry her.

    • Kazy

      "some pills in a little cup"…
      +500 to the above poster for the obscure, but apt, reference

      • nathan

        She's falling hard for me, I can see it in her eyes.
        She acts just like a (pharmacy tech) with all the other guy's

    • Kelsey

      a perfect circle. #9 on 13th step.

    • Jameel

      That's right you quote APC.

  • MigraineBoy

    She gives me 1up…

    • Dr. Doomsday

      finally someone makes a clever comment on this site of rubes!

    • keithp420

      she gives me 6 1/2 up…

  • mattythegooch

    Vincent Vega-awesomeness!!

    Thanks for keeping it "real", cute as Hell! Feel free to head west, no need for fake bake.

    • gaz

      is it weird that i want to add her as a friend on ps3 now?

    • RGH

      Ya' gotta love a Pulp Fiction reference.

  • nathan

    Here is a question, Can I get you pregnant?

    • ckris King

      Choose your future child: a) Master Chief Jr b) Lara Croft Jr or c) Super Mario bros

  • cody

    Awesome girl

  • Saimon

    I wanna play a game with her

    • Phil

      Yeah I'm going to add her on PSN tonight and see if she accepts haha!

    • 123Roasthim

      Yeah, it's called "hide my wiener"

  • EJH

    #14 – Duckface

    • jake

      If that's a duckface, then I suddenly approve of duckfaces.

    • Josh

      Judge's ruling: She's Forgiven.

    • Smellsnice

      That's a duckface. And she's not that hot. Just sayin'….

    • Lance

      Yep Duck Face. But it looks better on her than most.

    • Nick

      That's a duckface I can life with.

      • Nick

        Live, dammit…live

  • damon

    Can we all agree that real girls are better than fake celebrities? #3

    • IceGripp

      Real girls WAY better then celebrities!

      • fox06

        AMEN BROTHER!!!

    • nate

      this picture is phenomenal

    • you

      she wants to become a fake celebrity otherwise she would never put her pictures on this site

  • Catch

    she was probably playing against noobs.

    • Guest

      Ha. She can probably kick your ass.

    • Swat

      Still, 23k – 5d is pretty good, even if you are playing noobs.

  • djdan

    sick perfect circle reference …

  • ne14fuun

    Very very nice Jess

    • Kyle

      Back off. She's marrying me. I'm a martial artist, a chef, and a hardcore gamer nerd as well. With 6 pack abs. And a 6 figure salary. So go away. I'll pee on her leg if I have to mark her, don't tempt me. LOL…

      Ok, but seriously. She's pretty doggone hot.

      • Jessica Condrey

        lol nice;)

  • Shiyan

    You are a beauty. Keep that head on straight and you will do well in your life. (OMG I sound like a dad. Because I am one.)

    • V4Vendetta14

      Thanks Buzz Killington!!!

  • Maverick

    Gamer Girl FTMFW!! sorry, Jess FTMFW!!! thanks for sharing, your guy friends are one lucky group of dudes that get to chill with you…. and seriously 23 and 5, nice!

  • Daniel

    Way to represent the South. You just became the dream girl for nerds the Chive over. 🙂

  • ssf

    She's as pretty as she is narcissistic!

    • liks

      I don't sniff one ounce of narcissism. According to the chive, they had to practically beg her to do this. There's not one pic of her in a bra or thong… in fact, she's playing video games.

      But there you are, fat and lonely, making shitty comments from the anonymity of your parent's computer.

      • ssf

        I was kidding. Just because someone takes a dozen pictures of themselves in various poses with their cell phone at arm's reach doesn't make one narcissistic! OK, it does. But look on the bright side. I'm saying she's very narcissistic which means I also think she's very pretty!

        And for the record…this is from my friend's computer.

        • drea

          "im saying she is narcissistic which means i also think she's very pretty".

          I must not know what narcissistic means……???? lol or maybe its you….?????

          • ssf

            Drea…follow from the beginning.

  • minnesota

    Thank you, Jessica. You're wonderful.

  • 8888

    No duckface she says? What about every second picture or so?

    • Charles in Charge

      bastard r-tard… doesn't even know what a duckface is. Do us all a favor and go hump an electrical outlet.

  • BongPimper

    I like MMA and video games!

  • Wow

    Wow, christmas already?

  • feklar

    A true American beauty. We all need to pitch in and get her a camera with better resolution.

  • Rick

    Likes video games and is in shape??? that doesnt seem right for a chick. She's the woman of my dreams

  • Kris Coleman

    girl you'll go blind without goggles on.

    and more importantly, please come over and play some games with me. they don't all have to be video games either… i know some fun ones for the bedroom
    *drum hit*

    • Anonymous


  • Justin Hall

    I don't say something like this lightly, but I'm going to bite the bullet and say:

    Gamer Girl > Olivia Munn

    You might have usurped the title of "raison d'etre for gamer geeks" EVERYWHERE, myself included.

    • over-rated Munn

      Agree 100%

      • Justin Hall

        To be fair, she's been overexposed to the point of absurdity.

    • Brian

      @Justin Hall

      Ooohhhhhhh Heeeeelllllllll naw. That's blasphemy. You're going straight to gamer geek/nerd hell, ha ha.

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