Meet Jessica aka ‘Gamer Girl’ (15 Photos)

About a month ago, we posted a photo of a sexy girl in a Super Mario t-shirt. The photo subsequently torched the internet. The anonymous hottie became the darling of gaming chat rooms and forums across the world who nicknamed her 'Gamer Girl'.
Here at theCHIVE we received thousands of requests for 'MOAR Gamer Girl'. Well we found her. Her name is Jessica Condrey. Yes, she is an actual hard-core gamer. Jess honestly didn't want to do this but she finally agreed that the gaming world is chock-full of fake gamer girls and we needed to give the geeks something real for a change. I'll let Jessica take it from here:

I'm 25, from the USA- aka "The South" in the North Carolina mountains in a small town from hell :p
I work as a pharmacy Technician and I am still attending college.
I love to play my PS3, currently on Call of Duty Black Ops almost every night.
If you get me started on video game talk, I can really wade deep in the nerd waters. But I'll hush for now;)
I mostly just have guy friends because honestly I dont have nuch in common with girls. - I drink beer and, what can I say, I think farts are funny.
I've studied martial arts for over 12 years now and I consider it a way of life rather then just exercise.
I can draw pretty damn well too. I have most all of it posted on my facebook, but its just another hobby. My humor is usually crude and cynical, I feel like a college frat guy sometimes haha;) At the very least, you'll never catch me in any duckface poses. Anyways, I hate to rant so there ya go.

If you wanna ask me any questions, I dont mind answering 🙂

- Jess

  • pain

    nice face

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  • Viki

    xO cool 😛 she and i can be gamer sisters though i play mw3 and bf3 and god of war3 instead…
    but anyways nice!!! :DD shes pretty! i wonder if she'll like scene girls like me…

  • Always Last


  • Brandon

    Ps3 is for noobs

  • Brandon

    also your scores dont impress me

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