Some people are addicted to Starbucks; I prefer “Awesome” (31 Photos)

  • just-sayin'

    Initial Post

    #18 would definately get pedobear's seal of approval

    • TZJ

      Kid's head deep in booty

    • mikethecarpenter

      i see what you did with your initial post, and i will not downvote you this time……

    • Spencer Thomson

      i would love to take that kid and just rape thie shit out of his face

      • GFHunter

        um… wow… you're fucked up.

        • jamie

          we're all going to prison for this one aren't we ?

  • Ryan

    #16 sweet shelves

    • Kyle

      I swear I'm seen those before.

  • blake honda

    Instead of being "First!!!" I'm glad I'm on the first page of the comment section because being in the second or later pages suck. Most people don't look in there.

    • AnyoneForCoffee


    • P Diddily

      But since you didn't post anything that people might want to actually read, you FAIL!

  • ambam

    #18 bet they are from newcastle… 🙂

    • John William Thurston

      My guess is whore Island.

      • Keith

        Sounds like an amazing island. My next spring break destination.

      • drea

        or slutvania

        • virginians


      • Chaizor

        Thats…. not a real place.

  • Mmmm Ciao

    #22 is awesome!

  • Jarvis

    i'm sure that is a loved brother

  • tommybhoy

    #20 Pacman+Mario= new desktop wallpaper!

    • K lew

      Ditto, first thing I did when I saw it.

  • Martin

    God I love thChive!!!!

  • Keith

    #19. OMG. What does this mean?!

    • Badlove

      Red Orange Yellow Green Blue

      • Aaron

        He was doing the double-rainbow guy, Badlove.

    • feklar

      I am incredibly impressed by someone paying that close attention to their surroundings. WIN

    • Six

      It means there is a gold pot very near…

  • Awesome

    Awesome > Starbucks. Plus it's free.

  • longjon

    reposts and weaksauce .

  • Poopslikelittlebunny

    #31 Pat will kick your ass

    • drea

      HA! pat…….takin me back lol

  • Thom Stokman

    #30 I like the couch more..

    • Luke

      Agree – This whole picture screams class.

  • nouu

    #28 genius

    • FLHomesteader

      I thought it was funny as well…

      But I'm sure a lot of people don't know who Khan is… so it's lost.

    • F.S.M.

      That show is 100% faked. They simple show off things that they already have in the store. They pick employees and friends to pose as the owners and fake a negotiation. Do you really think they are experts on everything? hell no. they are frauds

  • Annonymous

    #16 #20 #30 FTW!!!!!

  • Phondo

    #8 would be cool IF PEOPLE WEREN'T DYING.

    • mememe

      i think it's shopped!!!

      • Jules

        There's no way it's shopped!!!

        Hot air balloons move oceans like jeasus and the red sea all the effing time!!

        • Jules



          • Bob

            Moses parted the Red Sea, not Jesus.

  • ERN23

    I'm a fan of ariel shots – anyone know where #26 was taken?

    • mbs08

      Looks like Burj Dubai – currently tallest building in the world.

      • spstefano

        the burj khalifa (it got renamed after some filthy rich sheik bailed dubai out of its financial mess a couple of years ago) has a y-shaped base and a bunch of different layers to it. i wouldnt doubt that this is somewhere in dubai though

        • Bob

          Look at the shadow. That is the Burj, from the very top of the spire over a half a mile off the ground.

    • HHNF_Beau

      Pretty sure it's the view from the top of your mom's dildo.

    • Six

      Extreme pole dancing?

  • ERN23

    F#*k – Arial

    • Daniel Scannell

      One more try…. aerial. The Little Mermaid has nothing to do with this. I wouldn't have said anything but you "corrected" yourself.

    • feh


  • Spiruina

    #10 is a good idea. I think I'm gonna have my Husband build one…….to make shoveling easier for him.

    • uber

      where's my sandwich

    • penisfrapple

      yea a real good idea until he hits a crack and faceplants

  • nairbk8302

    was #31 the person that sent in #30?

  • biff

    #18 Thug Life

  • NotaTrap

    Seriously Chive, as funny as #18 is…posting 13yr old ass? You're better than that….

    • Rick

      Eat shit

      • tee

        Sorry Rick but NotaTrap is right…..those little girls and that little boy should not be in this post- they are too young and stupid to even know what the're doing…..the Chive should know better….

  • Hello'neal

    #19 Redline Boston?

    • robsterling

      They are on public transportation? They usually just drive the Hershey Highway.

  • GoForth


    Come at me bro

  • MB13

    #6 must be a blonde

    • amrith777

      Nice goin',Einstein….no java for YOU!

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