TheCHIVE’s 2nd Anniversary Party. We beat the buffet (34 Photos)

Last Thursday, theCHIVE celebrated our 2nd Anniversary with a bunch of our close friends, including some of our most loyal Chivers and Chivettes. We're the kind of group that shouldn't be allowed near an open bar... ever... for any reason. Leo, myself, and Bob were joined by theTHROTTLE's Rick and Patty and of course our sister Emily, the Editor of theBERRY.
Thanks to Nikki's for putting up with our antics, Good Cop / Bad Cop, the best house band in Venice, and comedian Aaron Karo for the LOL's.
A special thanks to GLAM, who co-sponsored the party. But most especially to all our Chivers out there who've supported this alcohol-filled pipe dream we call theCHIVE.

And one last special thanks to our friend and magician David Blatter (pic 26).

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