TheCHIVE’s 2nd Anniversary Party. We beat the buffet (34 Photos)

Last Thursday, theCHIVE celebrated our 2nd Anniversary with a bunch of our close friends, including some of our most loyal Chivers and Chivettes. We're the kind of group that shouldn't be allowed near an open bar... ever... for any reason. Leo, myself, and Bob were joined by theTHROTTLE's Rick and Patty and of course our sister Emily, the Editor of theBERRY.
Thanks to Nikki's for putting up with our antics, Good Cop / Bad Cop, the best house band in Venice, and comedian Aaron Karo for the LOL's.
A special thanks to GLAM, who co-sponsored the party. But most especially to all our Chivers out there who've supported this alcohol-filled pipe dream we call theCHIVE.

And one last special thanks to our friend and magician David Blatter (pic 26).

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  • Jon Ander Elizalde

    The Chive, truly the best internet site in the world.

  • Luke

    I just poop a lot in my gym shorts from #35

  • iambigd42

    9# Find her please:)

  • fellow Chivette

    who is the hottie in the middle of #15 ? yes please!!

  • Tannis

    I love you guys… I've been here foreverz just never commented 😦 I'm chive shy

  • Ryecrash

    Please show more of the beautiful woman on the far left of #11.

  • Diana Santos

    i like that ice sculpture 😉

  • fng

    nom nom nom nom #11, nice clevage shot #16

  • Brandon Densley

    I LOVE THE CHIVE!!! Can I come next year???

  • charles

    MOOOAAAARRR of #29 (not gay scarf John, but the hot chick in stripes).

  • Kjell King

    I'm pretty surprised that there weren't a lot of duck face pics taken

  • Jessica Condrey

    lol man the facial expressions here are too funny:D I was just thinking as I was scrolling to 34 that someone should photoshop that face onto everyone elses;)
    I totally just thought that into exsistance
    #34 Win

  • MigraineBoy

    I assumed there would be more boobs…Guess not.

  • Michael

    Sorry to say but you chive guys look like Hipster Douches

  • Mark

    This album should go in the douchebags catagory

  • poop on you

    Faggs. you make a site of pictures that you stole from other sites… you don't deserve a party.

  • UPSgrrrL88

    Needs more photobombs.

  • Rhino

    all these pictures and not one token black guy ? guess no black dudes aloud at

  • Rick

    Id like to give a shout out to #16 with the nice rack "hey foxy mama"

  • Rob

    Nice scarf you hipster douche…

  • equalizermax

    #14 – Nice undies…

  • Eric R

    #9 She's hot we want more…… be honest all the girls in this post are hot… guys sit around surfing the internet all day get paid to do this and then party with hot girls…….do you need an intern?

  • Poopslikelittlebunny

    well,congrats guys, you fuckers are awesome. I love the site been here since the beginning. I MUST log on at least once a day or i start having,thanks for the laughs

  • isawoj

    So, is John setting us up or is he really wearing a scarf cause he thinks it looks good?

  • iHam

    I live not too far from here and I would've given my left nut to be there……..just saying.

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