TheCHIVE’s 2nd Anniversary Party. We beat the buffet (34 Photos)

Last Thursday, theCHIVE celebrated our 2nd Anniversary with a bunch of our close friends, including some of our most loyal Chivers and Chivettes. We're the kind of group that shouldn't be allowed near an open bar... ever... for any reason. Leo, myself, and Bob were joined by theTHROTTLE's Rick and Patty and of course our sister Emily, the Editor of theBERRY.
Thanks to Nikki's for putting up with our antics, Good Cop / Bad Cop, the best house band in Venice, and comedian Aaron Karo for the LOL's.
A special thanks to GLAM, who co-sponsored the party. But most especially to all our Chivers out there who've supported this alcohol-filled pipe dream we call theCHIVE.

And one last special thanks to our friend and magician David Blatter (pic 26).

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  • viking

    #11 can i get a job here. i would love to work with all these hotties. you should do a post for each one, specially the beautiful blonde on right.

  • SwamiTommy

    1) seriously, you do this for a living? ah, crap. were'd I go wrong.
    2) how much do you want for blondie in foto # 9? #9,#9,#9,#9…..

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #16 On the left…Now that girl is prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…….

  • Curmudgeon

    Does anyone actually care about this? Chive, you run a pretty entertaining website but I don't care about your office or personal life.

    • Whubbsie

      the work with hot chicks… yep plenty enough reason to post this up… now shut the fuck up.

    • harry

      totally agree, no one wants to see a bunch of douche wanks hang out with girls they have no right hanging out with. You need to put up your own douche bag column with all of you in it.

  • BloodScrubber

    Ahhhh.. those Life is good moments. Enjoy them now while they last. *envy.

  • nouu

    looks like the opposite of fun.

  • hockey dude 11

    #11, far left, wow! I'm in love!

  • Joe

    #8 i know her. she went to iu btown didnt she? i knew it

  • Lisa_Martin

    That much plaid should not be allowed in the same town much less the same room. Huckleberry Hounds each & every one of ya. 😀 (John…ya had to be different…went with plaid…but a large plaid…in a scarf?!?!? Good gravy boats son…what're ya thinkin'?!?)

    That said…I love y'all. The last two years have been imminently more LOL'able because of you. Some times you screw the proverbial pooch…but hell…the site's free to users…so anyone who's a hater, bite my rosy red arse. Life's short. Chive on.

  • Grant


  • Joel

    i had images of bad ass's in my mind before viewing, then i saw scarf guy.. assumption fail.

  • peanutsss


  • KevvF

    I wanna work for The Chive

  • Anna

    So it was that kind of night, eh?

    Happy Anniversary! Here's to another great year of LOLZ n' stuff!

  • drinkapotamus

    you guys should go on tour throughout the us. every friday or sat you could do a "party with theCHIVE" and have a local bar sponsor it. you guys drink for free and they get a full bar full of peeps.

    let me know when you want to make this happen in san fran!

  • doublep

    My first post. Great content throughout the whole site. I liked the part about everyone getting fucked up. Did they cut that part out?

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