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It appears the Weather Girl debate has reached a boiling point. Next week, let’s settle this once and for all. Everybody submit their local weather girls and we’ll have a contest to decide, once and for all, which meteorologist weather girl is tops. Be sure to include their info (if you photoshop it onto the photo yourself it really helps me out). Until Monday, Chivers.

– John

  • Dougie

    boom… random

  • marcus

    #14 paired w/ #15 – flawless chive victory

    • noname

      she must be related to the dude in the burger king ads with the tiny hands

  • busted

    Dont even think about it.

  • bring it

    a few thumbs for #32 ?——————>

    • Hmm

      You have my thumb.

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        And my–SHUT THE FUCK UP

      • Gimli, son of Gloin

        And my axe

    • hey

      the man said a few… that is a bunch.

      • Anonymous

        It's more like an army, at this point.

        • gecko

          There's a subliminal "hundred" some where in that message

  • partly

    #36 vs. #37 win

    • gecko

      The quality of 36 increases 6 fold after you vut out the entire right half

  • makers

    good week, chive. you continue to impress. College humor has left my bookmark folder. I shall me ye'

  • marshall

    #22 YES

    • doodle

      am i the only person who just got an incredibly strong urge to go to norway?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17815425 Adam Purcell

        Went once, its everything you are dreaming of and more.

        • brad

          …and I live here. Win.

    • CO_Girl

      Norway is awesome. Just moved away after living there my whole life, but I feel like Colorado is a good replacement=) I've been more half-naked in the snow from my one year in CO than I ever was in Norway;)

  • belloscemo

    #5 Christy Turlington — Hottest Ever!

    • gecko

      no idea who they are….please, enlighten me

      • Name

        Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford

        Five of the first real Top-Models.

  • BloodScrubber

    #26 ya kinda get the feeling there is a blow-up doll somewhere in there.

    • Sinestro

      I thought it was a prank… Probably to costly sadly 😦

  • anon

    #10 allison angel ??


      nope. way hotter than Allison

    • Holly

      Is it just me or does she look like Hayden Panettiere? Someone's probably already said that but it's the first thing that comes to mind

      • jjj

        A bunch of people said that last time it was posted but Hayden doesn't have tits like that.

      • sidebob

        I thought it was Hayden Panettiere also

      • yup

        Hayden has almost perfect female proportions, these two look a little front heavy. And not in a good way.

    • wasd

      nah similar but deff not the same their cheekbones are way different

    • Del

      not even close to allison angel – do you even look at porn?! pay attention.

  • reformed troll

    #5 Duck face dating back to the early 90's!!

  • TCB12

    Love #14

    • Sinestro

      If the invisible man finishes, it'll look like magic!

  • El Jefe

    Quit bitching about finals. You act like you're the only ones that have had to do them. Ever. Pussies.

    • uber

      We're you the one that always raised their hand and volunteered to give their speech first? Oh my god, I fucking hated you!!!

    • john

      Hey, you know taking your GED isn't really a final right?

      But seriously, if you actually went threw a finals week at a university you wouldn't be being a douche.

      • uhhh yeah

        John never went through finals week.

        • Its-a me, Mario

          you aren't be being serious now are you?

      • uber

        no offense but *through*

      • Jackie

        uber and john both need to take a grammar lesson.
        "We're" is a contraction for "we are"…..
        and "threw" is like "you're stupid so i threw it in your face"

        looks like you guys still have some finals to fail.

        • Emma Watson

          Uhh uber probably did type in "Were" but if he was on a phone it probably corrected/t9 "were" to "we're" John is just dumb lol. And El Jefe is probably jealous cuz he's not in a picture on Chive. Finals week is a bitch.

  • keith


  • Whether or not

    Include a plug for the Real Weather Girls APP!

  • ssf

    #6 Fuck. I've seen sexier hairstyles on Fisher Price Little People.

    • chuck


    • moar

      fuck liberty

    • ^.^

      I honestly don't think she's good looking..

  • KMK

    is #34 the "FishBowl" at UM??

    • http://www.facebook.com/roderickspells Roderick Spells

      It looks like the 5th floor at the PCL at U. Texas??

  • Mr. Awesomeness

    #6 – no, not hot. Please do NOT find.
    #11 – I can find babes on the internet. I'd rather have someone with brains tell me about my weather.
    #14 – THIS
    #32 – Jesus Christ. We need a greatest hits post.

  • j-man85

    #14 boner achieved.

    • Speedy

      not to mention the things you can photoshop into this picture 😉

    • nouu

      AND she can cook.

      • silly nouu

        well no shit…. she is a women

        • MacNCheese

          Correction: she is a woman

  • Miami

    #2 photoshopped sand at the bottom , whoda thunk it wasnt just for making jiggly spots dissappear

  • Friend of Chive

    Well Done Hailey! Thanks for #32

    • Wiley

      I want to pull up a chair, drop my spaghetti on there, and have a nice quiet dinner.

      • Bib BoBo

        while your doing that I wanna rip those short down and slip her my sausage and meatballs

    • Critic

      Hailey- my volleyball playing gf says she'd love to meet you

  • Anonymous

    #7 And yet they still have no fucking clue if it's going to be 90 degrees or snowing… moot point.

    • Paul

      Actually, she's quite good.

      • Trixie

        Her name is Kristy Capel and here is what I found on her bio page.

        "After a few short months of covering fires, accidents and local events, they were in need for a weekend weather anchor, so they trained me and that's when I fell in love with becoming a Meteorologist. I am currently enrolled at Mississippi State University with a only a few short semesters away from being a sealed meteorologist."

        She also has "a degree" in Broadcasting not sure if it is a Bachelor's from Evangel University on a Volleyball Scholarship. Who knew?

  • Buddy

    #8 So true. They did a terrible job casting the American version of that show. The UK version is awesome.

    • REB

      Nothing truer has ever been said.

    • JB79

      It doesn't matter who they cast in the US version; it would suck by comparison either way.

      • LukasS

        They were going to cast Adam Carrola. That would have made the show 100X better

    • Jman

      I didnt even know they have an american version, we dont get it in the uk…..is it like fifth gear?

    • 123Roasthim

      I watched the first episode of the America Top Gear and immediately hated it. They try WAY too hard to make jokes that just end up falling ridiculously flat. Seriously, it's Top Gear. There is NO need to force jokes when all you need to do is talk about cars to make your fan base happy.

    • Luke

      I don't know, this might be a bad example but, they hated Conan when he was new, now look. Give them time, they will hit there stride. Besides, it's better than about 90% of the crap (Housewives anyone) on tv.

    • Jobillard

      You can't do a Top Gear in the US because of advertising. What are they going to do, say "this car is crap, don't buy it, only cocks drive this type of car" and then have a commercial from that car maker. Or they'll get sued for actually saying something bad about a product for sale in the US (you can't do that LOL). In the US version they are way too passive and nice. Their jokes are contrived and forced along with the "camaraderie".

      • Miss T

        Nothing could come close to Jeremy, Hamster and Captain Slow. The Brits also get away with that kind of humour because its how they operate, trying to mimic that in the States is just ensuring that its going to fall on its face.

        • tyler


  • Michael

    #11 is incredible. Who is she?


      Jackie Guerrido

    • Paul

      She's hot, but what's up with that pointy chin? Like you want that stabbing your balls.

  • aosux

    The "Dude" abides. #24

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