Daily Afternoon Randomness (39 Photos)

It appears the Weather Girl debate has reached a boiling point. Next week, let’s settle this once and for all. Everybody submit their local weather girls and we’ll have a contest to decide, once and for all, which meteorologist weather girl is tops. Be sure to include their info (if you photoshop it onto the photo yourself it really helps me out). Until Monday, Chivers.

– John

  • bill

    #33 goes back to the days when a guy used to kiss the hand of the lady in greeting. Besides your not supposed to firmly shake a girls hand, a gentle greeting is the way to go.

    #32 is perfect, keep the tush coming

    #6 Please chive, we need a post dedicated to redheads

    • Jackie

      Women who want to be taken seriously should always shake hands firmly and with confidence. Anything else is total bullshit. BTW: I have had more men shake my hand like pussies than I can say. STOP please. A limp handshake = a limp dick.

  • Robert

    #27 I hate this chick so much. I'm glad people are starting to see how much of a worthless piece of garbage she is.

  • Bill

    #11 is Jackie Guerrido…she is the weather girl on Univision.

  • eaglescoutzach

    Holy S*** that sign is in my home town Griffin, Ga. I never expected that stupid thing to be of renown in anywhere, but griffin. Holy F***** Christ that is awesome. Go Griffin!

    • eaglescoutzach

      look at 136 East Eroad st. Griffin ga on goog steet view.

  • MattW

    #8 completely true. Three lambo's and they only did a speed run? Really TG USA? Didn't bother to watch any of the other episodes.

  • dfa

    #13 steroids

  • My_Rushmore

    Oh Chive, I'm stuck at home alone because the guy I live with is snowed in at his parents. I'm already a bit freaked out and #27 & #38 ARE NOT HELPING!

  • mitch

    #6 is not hot, what is with people submitting random redheads and thinking they are hot just because they have red hair

    #27 is awful, who actually thinks that would look attractive

  • Jethro

    I feel for #27< (little sad face here) End stage liver failure can be horrible painful. You can see it in here face. #38 if you must write on, and expose the gagina, at least spell correctly.

  • BigD-UK-

    dear god

  • Bisketz

    #32 MOAR! MOAR! MOAR!

  • pokeman134

    #8 #12
    top gear america just needs some time to mature. it will get better.

    and finals week for me isnt over till monday. 😦

  • Matt

    Regarding #32: I love girls that love pictures like that. 🙂

  • Sugreev2001


  • Sharon- Chick 4

    Hi, Chick number 4 here. In response to the haters, let me clarify your judgments with these photos. In case your perception is still distorted, the images you're about to view are that of a young 5'2, 111 lb mother. Oh yeah, and i've never touched meth =) Enjoy

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=604495464 Johnny Alfredsson

    #29 is totally stolen from Explosm.net

  • Frank M

    #14 is that hot food network chef Giada De Laurentiis.

  • bonediddly

    #34 looks like Michigan State law library

  • ros

    Yay! I popped my cherry! Chive posted a pic I sent in! #30

  • ros

    also #1 is russia

  • norge er best

    22 im norwegian ❤

  • Annonymous

    #11 and #32 are full of WIN!!!

  • metalcool36

    #38 is just horrifying

  • Rick

    #38 "feal" (feel) lmao

  • teximport

    #24 Dude, if you're not into the whole brevity thing, man.
    #14 Plz, photoshop
    #31 love this show
    #28 #32 #39 God bless America

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