Daily Afternoon Randomness (39 Photos)

It appears the Weather Girl debate has reached a boiling point. Next week, let’s settle this once and for all. Everybody submit their local weather girls and we’ll have a contest to decide, once and for all, which meteorologist weather girl is tops. Be sure to include their info (if you photoshop it onto the photo yourself it really helps me out). Until Monday, Chivers.

– John

  • Patrick

    #19 lol

  • http://thechive.com Sarah

    I more than agree with #8. The American 'Top Gear' is an absolute shame, even if there wasn't already a British 'Top Gear'.

  • Brad

    #8 — The biggest difference? Intelligence. I bet the US hosts are at a 100pt IQ disadvantage. At least Tanner can drive. The other two? Useless.

  • Kevrobmc

    ROFL @ #21

  • Slick

    #36, more tush chive, pa-lease.

  • guest

    #38…way to show that you are fat and stupid, 'feal'….

  • Guest

    Any chance of getting the name of #36? *sigh*

  • GAC

    number 17? the "real geek gamer" girl shes lookin reeeeeaaaaaaal sexy

  • Olivier

    #31 : why is "get the fuck out" written on the board????
    Entourage and especially Ari Gold is awesome btw…

  • Jackie

    #33: I am a woman and I have had to school more men than you will ever know on how to properly shake hands. It's bad to get a limp, dull handshake from a woman; getting one from a man is totally offputting and can screw up your whole day!

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