Houseboats seem like a jolly good time to me (22 Photos)

  • Dustmiretheturd


    It's time to lotion up grandma and i'm first in line to touch her soft white skin.

    It's not exactly safe, but it's super fun to play with your own feces while in traffic. Bottoms up!

    It's my favorite when dad and I are naked fighting with grandpa.

    It's just as cool when you get caught playing slow rope with neighbor hood cats.

    It would be best If i didn't use the word sponge around the foreigners up stairs. Last time they snuck up on me, gased me, and let their grand parents have sex with me.

    Dive Drive Strive Live Chive

    • Guz


    • this post sucks

      that was very disturbing, but I must admit, i got a chuckle………..

    • mememe

      ha.. all in all, a good use of being first.. cheeri'o

  • Cavall

    Everything I knew about houseboats was a damned lie.

  • Stan

    theyre all pirates in disguise

  • PJ Fry

    MacGyver lived on a houseboat.

  • Why Not?

    would give my left nut for #5, would give my right nut if Susan Coffey joined me.

    • Bizarrobear

      Susan Coffey would not affect you in the same way if you were nutless.

      • trollin

        well played sir……

    • top dog

      Whats the point? then you'd have no nuts. Me, I'll keep my nuts and get em both.

  • croocked cop

    Welcome to the Netherlands…

    • kent

      4 is definitely Amsterdam, but at least a few of these are from the US.

      #20 is Miami.

  • b00b<3

    i just got 1 question: how the fuck u walk ur dog?
    /if you have one

    • top dog

      You don't, you swim the dog.

    • guest

      You don't "walk" him… you "swim" him.

  • Optimus Subprime

    #7 looks like the Sleepless in Seattle house. …and no, I'm not gay.

    • Your Mom's Dog

      I call shens…

    • this post sucks

      actually, I took a vote, and you certainly are gay….

  • Quixote

    #13 definitely a super villain.

  • Bradley

    #21 Howl's moving castle? It's not even on water!!

  • Edk

    Jolly good time until the first big storm. Then ya better know how to swim.

  • Diana Santos

    these must balance a little :p

  • BMonster

    I was hoping for motorboats, but the houseboats are still pretty cool!!

  • UPSgrrrL88

    We I go on my next vacation I wanna stay in a boatel.

  • OneClownShoe

    #3 looks top-heavy enough to be destroyed by wake.

  • Catence

    I want one.

  • equalizermax

    These are better than my apartment…

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