No harmful photoshop was used in the making of this post (25 photos)

  • Kyle Retrato


    • Semper

      No!! Bad!! This is not epic. No!

  • onlyChange

    Giant crabs… that worse than a giant spider on the trash can lid..?

    • Crystal

      Depends on what sort of crabs, if you get what I mean

      • onlyChange

        the trash-can encompassing type.

    • Anakrusix

      Yeah… Number 3 is real. I read it somewhere on

    • Sizzle

      No. A giant spider would be much MUCH more horrific.

      • aosux

        As long as they are not the giant craps from the end of the "Time Machine."

  • befa
    • nothingtoseehere

      Jimmy Wales is freaking me out man… those beady little eyes are staring right into my soul!

      • Zebulon

        He should just put up banner ads all over his website and leave us alone.

  • Petar Đulabić

    Shit, John Travolta looks like a zombie on the left part of the pic

    • DA-YUM

      Yeah, I was thinkin vampire…..

    • A. Dork

      it looks like spray on hair. ron popeil stuff…

  • urno

    coconut crabs are rad

  • Captain Obvious

    Eeeeh, I feel that pic of Travolta is really going to set him up for a couple of roles in some seriously bad movies……… wait a second

  • pet

    yeah… number 3 is real. coconut crab.

    • jjj

      supposed to be good eats.

  • DanielB

    #2 the whole hand is part of the screen saver, the sweater is the only thing outside the screen… took me longer than i care to admit to figure it out…

    • Corky thatcher

      At least you figured it out…I thought it was magic!!!

  • TheTruth

    Anyone else think #14 is moving…? Just me?

  • videos de skate

    6 fingers! wow!!

    • DA-YUM

      6 fingers isn't all that odd, it was the lack of a thumb that weirded me out.

      • Sizzle

        Yeah that was my first thought, too. WTF is his (assuming it's a him) thumb?

        • Ian

          Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya, You kill my father. Prepare to die.

  • john


    Coconut Crab.
    They can get upto 30 lbs.
    Gets its name from cracking open coconuts with its claws.

    • Deutscher


    • UPSgrrrL88

      And I bet it's just delicious!

  • anarcrust

    Dr. Gonzo, fetch me my rifle and machete, we're going coconut crab hunting!

  • croocked cop

    # 16 not shopped. That shirt-less douche actually walked over that rope.

    • amrith777

      Yeah–I cringe every time I see that picture–sphincter factor of about 15+

  • ben


  • me, myself and i

    #21 is real, i saw it in a magazine for $1400

    • @valorikx221

      whoever buys that needs to be punched in the neck

      • A BiPolar Guy

        why – are you an idiot? it's the coolest Sw army knife ever. Obviously not meant to be practical, but it is AWESOME. Sigh. If only I was rich enough not to have anything better to do with $1400.

    • Lyrex

      I believe it was a limited addition knife that came out with every option the company had ever offered in their knives.

  • metalcool36


  • Kevin

    #1 is real, someone is probably holding his feet, there is a small pool at the top of the falls that people can swim in.

    • Long Duck Dong

      Either way that is bat shit crazy to do – my hands are sweating just looking at that pic

      • McMutt

        This is Devil's Pool at Vic Falls in Zambia

      • A BiPolar Guy

        really it's not – the pool is isolated form the main river flow by rocks just under the surface so there is no strong current at all. you will not be swept over the falls.
        I've seen more pics that show this. The guy does need a hand as noted to hold that position, but even if they let go it's unlikely more would happen than that his feet would drop moving his body into a safer position.,
        of course you'd need a couple of million dollars to get ME to do that. But's that's fear not rationality/.

    • Pyp

      If you look in the bottom right hand corner you can see someone holding his feet.

    • Jumper

      I have a photo of me diving into this pool. It wa the best $65 i have ever spent. They serve eggs benedict to you on Livingston Island after you jump into the pool.

  • Nate

    I hate to say it but #3 is real, they are coconut crabs in Diego Garcia, a small island which is part of B.O.I.T.

  • femtrooper

    I think the crab is kinda cute..

    • F U Chvieassholes

      I think you're cute.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        and she's STARFLEET CUTE!
        you can be my commander LOL

  • dutchie

    So like, nobody knows who’s responsible?

  • Diana Santos

    #11 water reflex..very cool ^_^

  • Edk

    #3 is a coconut crab. They're strong enough to crack coconuts with their claws but they aren't really harmful unless you screw with them, then they're just like any other crab or lobster. From what i hear they're pretty tasty supposedly they're also sold as pets in throughout Asia. Some day I will unleash my army of coconut crabs on an unsuspecting populace. Muahahah!

    #22 is probably a Flemish Giant rabbit. Yes they do exist.

  • yaneverknow

    #6 First thought, FUSHIGI ?!

    • Pattydiva

      ME TOO!

  • Link182

    Seems like #24 could really shred on guitar.

    • ultimate shredder

      seriously! put that shit to use man!

    • @valorikx221

      I lol'd at that

    • Dayna Vaughan

      Jerry Garcia had six fingers on one hand.

      • its_forge

        No, he had four and a half.

        • its_forge

          Or three and a half and one thumb.

  • top dog

    No photoshop was used, Yeah…Right.
    Except for #22. If thats in Germany it might be real, I've seen rabbits that big in Germany

    • top dog

      Ohhhhhh!!! no harmful photoshop was used. Well….never mind!

    • Hailey

      It's a Flemish Giant. 🙂

      In fact, a lot of these aren't photoshopped.

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