• Makin it rain

    Cuts out in the middle of the vid!

  • Makin it rain

    Black at 1:09

    • Brand_n

      Yep, it's called the end of the video.

      • Peter Dexter

        an hour ago the vid was 4 mins long, and the last 3 mins were black. just because you were slow dont try and act smart

        • skeptic

          you were slower, and also a bad loser…

  • BigDingo

    Blew me away

    • 1of those"first"guys

      ya A real uplifting video

  • WizardofCOR

    Well done, sir. Well done.

  • Ricardo Garza

    which is the song? Lol

  • Dan

    That was fucking badass!

  • joann

    ahh! i want to do that

  • yup

    Awesome! One little side note though: It's 2010 and we're still watching videos with crappy quality and low resolution. I wish people had their HD camcorder ready whenever something important happened.

    • Jay

      I'm sorry, but not everyone has the money to invest in Hi-Def video recording devices. May you would be so kind as to mail me one for when such event occurs in my life. My info is below.

      Get fucked,
      1234 Up yours Ave.
      Douche Bag, AB

      • 1of those"first"guys

        possibly the lamest reply ever. der.

        • colby

          must agree. its just so sad to see people fail so hard at making decent comebacks,,, i mean, sometimes its just painful to watch.

    • James

      This is the Airfix indoor skydiving centre in Milton Keynes, UK. The camera here is actually owned and permanently run by Airfix. It is a 1080i camera which has a live stream down to their reception. Somewhere between the camera and the chive the quality was degraded somewhat.

      • Jag

        Yeah, they give you a dvd of your 'flight' at the end so the quality has been lost since.
        Great day out for those who haven't been.

  • Pufffdragon

    You can still see the footage you cocktards so stop ya pissin and moanin. You all sound like a pack of bitches!

  • landomcdando

    when i hit the lottery im installing one of these in my new house…thats all there is to it.

  • @txt2verse

    I can do that!! I need to get back to my wind tunnel now to record myself skydiving like a boss!! Best vid Ever!

  • FailRater

    Synchronized swimming and jumping around with long ribbons is in the Olympics but this… this is not?

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  • Anthony Lynch

    You can see the live webcam from that Airfix skydiving centre.
    Here it is:

    Cool to watch people floating on the camera.

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