There are Christmas Chivers among us (41 Photos)

Let's all take a moment to recognize our awesome Christmas Chivettes who made what you're about to see possible. The response to our 1st Annual Christmas Chivers was amazing. Chivettes, thank you.

Our next 'Sexy Chivers' will go live two weeks from today. Leo, myself, Emily, Super-Hybrid, will be in Ireland for Christmas smashed to the bejesus belt on Guinness. We'll still be posting every day and we have a few special things planned next week for y'all.

Chivettes. Start getting you photos in now for 'Sexy Chivers'. Just use our handy-dandy upload page or thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Don't forget to personalize your photo. Be as creative as you like. Happy Friday, Chivers, and Merry Christmas!

- John n' Leo

  • SJay

    #35 need a study buddy?
    #41 marry me? 😀

  • bob the builder

    #21 gotta see them warlocks

  • Gabbie Robbins

    #13 here – i've been posted like three times, never any comments :/
    anywho Love the chive! this gallery made my day, happy holidays chivers

    • Dunny

      Hi Gabbie, thanks for posting your super cute pics.
      You know us men…just interested in T & A. I have to investigate your other submissions from your dorm room now. Look forward to more!

  • Big Si

    #37 has amazing boobs! Show me in a white top!!!!

  • n1ghtstalker

    I see nipple in #37
    Finally Chive… bring on Nips in 2011!

  • Vij

    #18,#28 are good. But #40 takes the cake, I can only say wow. #37 sure like with or without the undies

  • abuks808

    #38 #39
    is this the chick from last week who was trying to give "some one some where.. a boner"?
    good work MMMMOOOOORRRRR

  • do it

    more #18 and #20!!!

  • Cory

    #14 is awesome
    #15 is hilarious
    and MORE MORE MORE #37

  • Rogen Lobaton

    #20 asian awesome ^_^

  • Timmayyyy

    Ok so I think i just feel in love…8, 11, 31, 32, 36. Ah screw it! I love all of em.

  • roge

    #23 nice one

    • Andrea

      thanks =)

  • P90

    #24 The guys who work with you two must have constant 'wankers whiplash'.

  • Diana Santos

    #15…finally some male chivers here!!! 😉

    • Jessica Condrey

      we need a Sexy Guys of the Chive gallery:D well…I can dream can't I

      • Diana Santos

        i agree Jessica…'s christmas…maybe if we ask kindly they surrender :p

        • Trisha

          I third this! I know there must be some hotties who read the Chive.

  • BGkid

    #3 are those "SWALLOWS"
    #37 Love the top

    • Adrianne

      yes those are swallows…lol 😉

  • stickeys

    It's official, I'm going to Scotland

  • AuSome

    #35 there is something very sexy about the top picture. very sexy

  • Jon

    Props to #36 – Scottish girls rule cause you can't understand a word they're saying even if they claim it's English!

  • cantkillcastro

    #11 You must be at least 8" to ride this ride…

  • Ty4

    #37 is an absolute angel

  • MrCjv

    #17 Nice. #18 ( same gal in #17 ) VERY VERY NICE!
    #28 ??!?!?!!!!!!!! This is the reasonmen go to war. For an ass like that!

  • Sugreev2001

    Natural Babes FTW

  • Dunny

    #13 is SUPER cute!!!! 🙂

  • Tommy 2

    #8, Left side…..MOAR

  • Stix

    #11 is just showing us what size she needs!

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