There are Christmas Chivers among us (41 Photos)

Let's all take a moment to recognize our awesome Christmas Chivettes who made what you're about to see possible. The response to our 1st Annual Christmas Chivers was amazing. Chivettes, thank you.

Our next 'Sexy Chivers' will go live two weeks from today. Leo, myself, Emily, Super-Hybrid, will be in Ireland for Christmas smashed to the bejesus belt on Guinness. We'll still be posting every day and we have a few special things planned next week for y'all.

Chivettes. Start getting you photos in now for 'Sexy Chivers'. Just use our handy-dandy upload page or thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Don't forget to personalize your photo. Be as creative as you like. Happy Friday, Chivers, and Merry Christmas!

- John n' Leo

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  • brent

    38-40 needs her own post.

  • Paul

    Is number 7 called Rosa by any chance?

    Might know this sexy chiver!

  • James

    All I Want For Christmas Is #3 #3 #3 #3 #3 and #3

  • Displayed

    #9 and #10 Yes please, and thank you. Gotta intercept the mail, gotta revise that list to Santa…

  • Giggity

    More #32!

  • Lemon1Zest

    Hello there from France, thanks to you all, Christmas Ladies, The Chive team, Chivettes and Chivers.
    Joyeux Noël.

  • Anonymous




  • Johnny B

    More #32 please.

  • Tommy2X4

    #28 needs a kiss

  • trollradius

    Whores. Not particularly attractive whores, although there are some nice asses in there. I'm still waiting for the chive to take my suggestion of going back to being a funny pic sight or just making it a full blown amateur porn site since they can't seem to make up their mind.

  • The Spicy Italian

    I want to unwrap 30 for christmas

    • trollradius

      Go for it, but you're gonna be disappointed when you find out the present is herpes.

  • mgreen

    #24. Never can go wrong when there are 2. Which are both very nice. Merry Christmas

  • Jono

    Hi Chive……. I demand as a Christmas present to me and my fellow Chivers that you have a new segment called "My new underwear" where girls can submit pics of themselves such as in photo #34 & #37. I've been a good boy this year! Merry Christmas Chive!

  • Mark Sawa

    Chivettes! I'm single.

    so ya know…

  • Nathan

    #17 and #18 I am a huge fan of Trisha, I want to see more of her all over chive.
    Havn't seen much over her since christmas/new years. I want MOAR!!

    seriously, she is gorgeous.

  • Always Last


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