Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • the devil

    C'mon Chive….if these are the best images, and you included that lame-ass frog, then you haven't looked hard enough. The frog isn't funny, or even worthy of being included in this list.

    Besides, there had to be a much better picture than that…

  • haha

    anyone notice how perfectly #38 and #39 are placed. freakin awesome!

  • salvi

    sorry, not that i don't like breast….but, tonight i went out with my friends, just gotta say, this bartender had nice ones but she was a real bitch. I like to tip really well if you are nice, but if you think that because you these nice motorboats knocker you are gonna get away with anything you are wrong…suck my manhood.

  • Claire

    #18 …..duckface. wtf

  • Shannon Coverdale

    MOAR!!! #38

  • Diana Santos

    #3 snow job ^_^

    • top dog

      A good one too!!

    • yver

      It´s in my country – Czech republic! Awesome.

  • lonxon

    Hy guys, I have made in Switzerland a clip with a friend, say me what it was :

  • schnizz

    #36 am i the only one with a sudden urge to go to norway!

  • Rich

    Find #38 and post a full gallery of her ass.

  • Don't even

    31 is outstanding! anybody know who she is?

    • Tom

      Gemma Atkinson

  • jdw

    #38 WOW! Find Her–please!!!!

  • Matthew Italy

    The frog-panic picture is really awesome!!
    And real..!! 😀 😛

  • tbag

    #38 stunning……….absolutely stunning!

  • theone

    dam it man look at the GAP oh sweet hot GAP #38

  • boo

    #15 is super hot.. but her belly button looks like a Hemorrhoid

  • Matt

    #38 WOW

  • Tr550

    #38 is pure perfection… I've had a pic on phone of her for months that I saved app "motivator"..
    (Whole body shudders just looking!)

  • P-diddy

    #46 now young skywalker, you will die

  • Kevrobmc

    Sick post yo!

  • guest

    Ok im putting a stop to this whole "find her" faggy god damn shit. You cannot find her because your begging for pictures of clothed hot chicks to masturbate to over the internet instead of actually talking to girls you worthless fucking looser. and seriously what the fuck, i assume you have a google toolbar or something at the top of your screen. if you want to look at women why do with their clothes on, just type in porn or sex or really… anything just type anything into google and i swear to god you will see naked women. now granted i appreciate some of the photos i see on these lists, they can be very awesome, but if i wanted to see hot women on the internet… this isn't the place i go. i chive because when im stoned i like to see funny shit, so go ahead if their worth it throw in 5 or so pics of hot chicks, but don't fill up half your god dam lists with these fucking "find her" shits unless your willing to make them topless, or at least save them for the lower back problems. if i wanted to see porn id just watch porn, i am literally 5 seconds away from downloading 80 gig of porn onto my computer if i wanted to. now if you'll excuse me i have to go fuck your mother

    • GuestWhoIAm?

      Somebody needs his meds adjusted.

  • newbie12

    I am fairly new to the computer and the internets.

    Are you all aware that there are sites on the internets where one may view pornographic images and videos? Facinating!!!!

    How long have these been available on the internets?

    • Darth Skippy

      Images of what some may consider to be pornographic have been available for viewing in various formats, i.e *.jpg or *.gif, for exactly thirty seven days.

  • grovermatic


    ZOMG!! Norway has Orb Ghosts??
    (sorry, I'm a photographer. I hate when people call dust specks "orb ghosts")

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