Chivers: I’m happy to introduce the newest and hottest Victoria Secret Angel, Katsia Damankova (60 photos)

Thank you Belarus!

  • Chris

    Very pretty but suffers from a serious case of noassatall.

  • Fredrick

    She has a beautiful face, but not even close to being the hottest angel. I thought VS models were supposed to be the "curvy models"? All the new ones seem to look like this one except for Adriana & Candice. I like women with curves.

  • adub

    where the hell is the junk in the trunk? this chick has the ass of an 11 year old boy.

  • Fumbles

    I saw this and made up a new word. Butterass!

  • tsukushi_

    I agree – no ass.
    But what is wrong with B cups? Pshh..

  • Pierre

    If there is something i should find disappointing about this thread, then it would be the comments written here, people complaining about the fact that she 'has no ass or boobs'

    how very sophisticated are the chivers these days.

  • nate

    #43 – really chivers??? you all can pass….i'll take it

  • Guest

    She No Marisa Miller!

    • Host

      And Marisa Miller ain't that great either!

  • idtapit

    No doubt, I'd tap that. But would be worried about bones cracking as I got hard!

  • idj_subs

    she's beautiful.. but she's not hot.. i'd still do her though

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