Lion cub quarrels with puppy -send this to your girlfriend (17 photos)

  • tommybhoy

    #15 Kick his ass, Sea Bass!

  • justin


    • Anon

      i gave you one thumb down only because i couldn't give you two.

  • googboog


  • CaptainInsano

    #9 does not even look real

    • 13ms13

      I don't know why but it looks like Randy Orton to me

  • Sebastian Schwaighofer

    I'm gonna send this bitch pictures of a lion cub quarreling with a puppy.. bitches love pictures of a lion cub quarreling with a puppy

  • Martin

    All fun and games until the lion gets big, then its a fight.

    • Your Mom's Dog

      More like an ass kicking.

      • oliba

        more like a lunch

  • Treypham

    grrrr …Wait for me bigger dude, after that ….. grrrr

  • Marife Arangote

    #9 is just too cute…
    I hate it… :p

  • Phondo

    #4 And someday I will eat you while you sleep.

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  • joe

    post should have been named, lion playing with his food

  • top dog

    #3, They were just playing. Dogs mature a little faster than Lions, in about six months they will have to be seperated, cause the Lion might see the dog as a food source and eat his butt out.

    • TheTruth

      'eat his butt out'?!

      • top dog

        Or his Ass out. Dude, thats one of the first places a lion will eat, that and the stomach.

      • Nick


  • Lynne Sandipants

    #9 I have no words 😀 Except these ones.

  • Papichulo

    ….look here bitch, have you seen Lion King?

  • kitkat63376

    Wait for it…wait for it….AWWWWWWWWW!

  • Sir Duh

    Is that dog a Rhodesian Ridgeback? I thought they were used to hunt Lions in Africa.

  • Bud Ugly

    It may look playful to us, but maybe in their minds, all they're thinking is "I hate this dude. I'm gonna kill him."

  • Harv

    Lions are salad tossers?

  • rawnoyz

    #12 "oh i just cant waaaait.. to be kiiiing"

  • equalizermax

    When I grow-up, I will eat you!

  • just-sayin'


    Dog: Heil Hitler
    Lion: FUCK OFF!

  • saffer

    That is a Boerboel puppy, its going to be big but the lion will be even bigger. Guess the pics were taken in South Africa, you rarely see Boerboels elsewhere. Great dogs, very protective and afraid of very little (maybe fully grown lions).

  • Eric

    cute stuff

  • Mike

    Pound for pound it will be no contest

  • mskris

    Life's a happy game / You could clown around forever / Neither one of you sees, your natural boundaries /
    Life's one happy game

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