Nothing beats a good bit of Christmas revenge (6 Photos)

A disgruntled Fry's employee was getting tired of people dumping their garbage out behind the store. Then one idiot dumped his garbage without peeling off the return label. So the Fry's employee got creative:

"So, I work at a grocery store. Occasionally people dump their trash (boxes, clothes, mattresses..) behind our store, expecting us to clean up after them.

A couple days ago I notice a HUGE 55" TV box stuffed with dirty old air filters, and various other electronics boxes. I think, "What an asshole!" and go back to work. About a minute later it hits me... did I see an address label? There is absolutely no way someone is that stupid.

So I go back out to examine the boxes. Oh dear jesus, there's an address label. Then I realize, this guy is clearly missing his boxes, and what a better way to celebrate the holidays than to return them to him!

So me and a couple friends piled the boxes in my tiny-ass car (that's just the big one and the air filters). So we got wrapping, and even filled out a nice card...."

“… We jammed everything back in the clown car and drove. And drove. And after we got there, this is what we put on his front lawn:

I wish I could have seen his reaction. Hopefully he’ll learn to at least take the address labels off of this boxes.”

From: Trickfist. If anybody knows the original source for this. Let us know!

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