Nothing beats a good bit of Christmas revenge (6 Photos)

A disgruntled Fry's employee was getting tired of people dumping their garbage out behind the store. Then one idiot dumped his garbage without peeling off the return label. So the Fry's employee got creative:

"So, I work at a grocery store. Occasionally people dump their trash (boxes, clothes, mattresses..) behind our store, expecting us to clean up after them.

A couple days ago I notice a HUGE 55" TV box stuffed with dirty old air filters, and various other electronics boxes. I think, "What an asshole!" and go back to work. About a minute later it hits me... did I see an address label? There is absolutely no way someone is that stupid.

So I go back out to examine the boxes. Oh dear jesus, there's an address label. Then I realize, this guy is clearly missing his boxes, and what a better way to celebrate the holidays than to return them to him!

So me and a couple friends piled the boxes in my tiny-ass car (that's just the big one and the air filters). So we got wrapping, and even filled out a nice card...."

“… We jammed everything back in the clown car and drove. And drove. And after we got there, this is what we put on his front lawn:

I wish I could have seen his reaction. Hopefully he’ll learn to at least take the address labels off of this boxes.”

From: Trickfist. If anybody knows the original source for this. Let us know!

  • jerk


    • tom

      I'm sorry you didn't like your presents 😦

      • jerk

        see "hater"s comment below….pretty much sums it up……stupid

        • Damon

          Like the story or no, Jerk still left a lame comment and got pwned

      • really????

        that's about as clever as the pics

  • Jules

    Awesome payback:)

    • jerk

      ………for a retarded 5 year old

      • Rangerdanger

        Hello, Mr. Ward.

  • parker

    I love a good trolling story

  • The Dude

    The box said 32" not 55".

    If the story is true that's awesome, but have a hard time believing it if the story doesn't match up with the pics/

    • D.C

      in #1 there is a very large tv box, at least a 50'

      • Why Not?

        50' ? that's fifty feet, that is one big ass appliance.

      • Locode

        yup, the big box in the car is the 55.

    • The Dude

      Wait a minute i post under The Dude. why you steal my call sign?

  • hater

    WHOOOOOOA! THREE BOXES??? 2 AIR FILTERS?????? ON HIS FRONT YARD???? You guys sure got him good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd say the guy got you idiots thrice: 1. for cleaning up after him. 2. wasting time/money wrapping the boxes and driving all the way to his house. 3. wasting time to send it in, thinking it's actually funny enough to post on the chive. Joke's on you, "people".

    • uber

      ya straight up bad asses bro!!! they wrapped gifts and everything. lame

      • Raul Duke

        Yeah, this is pretty much the gayest prank ever…almost balls touching gay.

        I'd say the joke is on the Fry's employees.

        Interesting how they threw Fry's under the bus in the letter, yet FAILED to show some sack and write their own names.

    • Roscoe

      Apparently it is funny enough to be posted on Chive, considering it is posted on Chive.

  • Lizm

    Lamest 'comeback' ever

    • Jack Mehoff

      I think its great. I too work for the herd known as the "public". You would not want to pick someone elses shit up. But hey, we know you think you mean well, probably even go to church and call yourself a "religious person" and all. Howz about I get the dumpster guy to bring our shit to your front step? After all, I'm a great person just like you.

  • eroon

    I think it's the impeccable grammar that is really gonna stick it to this guy.

  • Cornholio

    Why does their note have a battery symbol on it?

    • Raul Duke

      Because they are a couple of dildos.

  • adam

    awesome. Now if only we had reaction pics.

    • really????

      probably a reason there are no reaction pics…..because it's LAME. The guy probably cam out and saw the air filters, read the card, realized what it was without unwrapping the rest, threw them back in his car and tossed them somewhere else………….Awesome!!!!

  • mii

    yes it is.

  • dan

    Or you can call 911 and report illegal dumping. I did that and met the 'dumper' later picking his stuff back up with a sheriff as escort.

    • ImJustHere

      Real good Dan….so your one of the a**holes that calls 911 for stupid sh!t. Merry Xmas!!!

  • ssf

    This payback was as funny and brilliant as that dump someone took in picture #3

  • Jimmy

    If I get someone's address, he isn't getting just boxes back. He's at least getting my garbage and the rest of the employee's garbage from the last two weeks all over his front yard.

  • Spartaca

    Is that a dookie in #3 and #5?

  • ssf

    He should have killed the guy's wife, put her head in the box, put it on the lawn, then show up 5 days later at the funeral with the air filters and said "I have a grievance to air…unfiltered". Yeah! Cool story, I know, and I'm not your bro.

  • MikeofLA

    It is in Arizona, I just bought stuff from them less the 24 hours ago.

  • Matt


  • Cornholio

    Around here it's an electronics store…and why would a grocery store sell TVs? I'm just saying the story and pictures don't match.

    • Jason

      The stuff was dumped at Fry's, not bought at Fry's.

      • mattythegooch

        Fry's Market Place in Phx, has grocery's, Ashley Furniture and electronics.

    • Stupendous

      It's obvious that Cornholio doesn't know how to read, or doesn't understand what is being read.

  • fasterthanu

    You should have taken a shit on his porch.

  • aosux

    I would have went, stole the tv and left a card saying merry christmas.

  • Dan

    #2 55" TV FAIL

  • Pedobear

    There is a name for this and it's called "Theft Of Service" and with the guys name it's pretty easy to give him a better present.

  • drea

    if only they put a better note together it would of been great, but their note looks like a foreign 9 year old wrote it, just sayin

  • Lynne Sandipants

    Would have been much easier pooping in a bag and setting it on fire. Or signing him up for every magazine available.

  • Bib BoBo

    would have been better if he just trashed the guys yard with the stuff

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