Let’s settle this. Who’s the world’s sexiest weather girl? (10 Photos)

Last week, a debate sparked in the 'Afternoon Randomness' over who had the sexiest weather girl. Thanks to all those who submitted contenders over the past few days. I couldn't include all of them but hopefully I've whittled it down to some of the strongest contenders. Don't forget to cast your vote!

  • http://www.citiria.com/pages/columnaria/?p=22951 Compite Marcela Mistral como chica del clima internacional | La Columnaria Blog

    […] Da click aquí. […]

  • shander

    La Mexicana wins!!!

  • Emi

    Chive, all hot!. But my pick is #12!! Though there is one girl that was completely missed, Jackie Guerrido from Univision. I think there needs to be a gallery just for her… She's totally my girl crush.

  • Vancouverite

    Dagmar a Vancouver, Canada girl wins with the most votes!
    Come back to Global BC we miss you.

  • Paul

    Only problem with #12?

    You have to live in fucking Mexico…no thanks.

  • Spellwvr

    #10 gotta go with redhead twins!

  • roy meats

    Jill Nicolini from New York is NOT a weather girl. FAIL.

  • thatsright

    besides for #10 how does #17 not get the win

  • Jason

    You forgot Nelly Carreno, Meteorologist in Boston…are you crazy?!

    • Michael Crest

      I know.! Shocked she wasn't in it..google her

  • KSevek

    Jill Nicolini (#5) is the Traffic Reporter, not the Weather Girl. Linda Church is the Weather Girl, and she's got a better body than Jill anyway!

  • mitch

    i want to know who submitted #4 looks like a man

    and #9 is creepy, very creepy

  • Gringo

    How did Jackie Guerrido not make the list??? She is just pure Puerto Rican Hotness!!! I want to learn Spanish cause of her!!!

  • northerner

    #6, Rachel just showed up at our local Colorado Springs ABC affiliate as their new weather person. She's so good looking because, as was mentioned many times, she has that nerdy look with those glasses. We geeks love nerdy women doin' nerdy, geeky high tech things. A petite, geeky, beautiful brunette. That's hot!

  • northerner

    The problem with these poor girls, according to the standards preached here, none have what is referred to as "asses". All are too small, supposedly. Poor girls must not eat enough Big Macs. Pity, they're too slender, shapely and lovely. Their loss, I guess…

    • joe

      could wrong, bc there is just 1 pic but #17 looks like shes working with a little sumpin back there.

  • James

    #12 I'd love to but her on my longitude, #13 I love a hot redhead.

  • gabriel

    this a link from "las diosas del clima" "Wheater godess" # 12 marcela mistral & other girls http://www.diosasdelclima.com.mx/

  • Drew

    12 all the way. How can you not love that face?

  • Ruben

    i would like a number 7 please, and a number 9 …. and ehhhhhhh…. do you have a number 11 for on the go?

  • RicoSan80

    Definately could use moar #17

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1082023363 John Whitsel

    She ain't the prettiest, but there's something about Stephanie Abrams:

  • MrToe

    My vote, without a doubt, goes to Marcela Mistral, but Brianna Garza should also be in this list, she is even hotter than Marcela. http://spb.fotolog.com/photo/43/28/49/tekkendark_http://www.elmanana.com.mx/upload/foto/9/1/9/Briana_Wall20090220_2_DDC.jpg

  • Meeeee

    Angela Buchman Indianapolis

  • Dr.Cocktail

    after seeing all these chicks in weather I'm thinking of changing my major to meteorology.

  • alex

    Number 12 is the queen!!!

  • Jorge

    Chido!!! Vamos Monterrey!!!! Por la mamita de Marcela Mistral!!!

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