You see the darndest things on the subway (18 Photos)

  • mkloubellamy

    #7 Keanu needs Friends

  • Bob Neil

    These are awesome! Have you seen the Paper hat guy?

  • Locode

    #16. Holy crap, they found Uncle Elmer!

  • Bob

    None are as a scary as a guy jerking off and thinking no one can see.

  • Why Not?

    #15 i would totally do this.
    #18 life after MMPR

  • Kevin

    #17 good to see Keanu get off that park bench

  • Kevin

    Wrong pic #7

    • Sand Worm

      He looks happier… in his own little way. o.O

  • Razgard

    #11 and #17 FTW!!! It just couldn't be better!

  • MrCjv

    #14 Unless i'm mistaken the guy that's refered to as Jesus is TOMMY FUCKIN CHONG BITCHES!!! Get it right! Remember Cheech and Chong? If not, hit the video store, smoke a fatty and stay tuned in and tuned on. Unless i error……

  • Michele

    #15 isn't on the subway – it's BART.

  • Ken

    #10: Is it the Mummy in new clothes or an escaped lunatic from the burn-ward?

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