• TomS

    I would actually love to see Chive take this down – it's one thing to catch something funny happening, it's another to be a prick and not offer to help a neighbor out, then film the ensuing problems she has. Kharma usually has a way of working these things out, though.

  • Gregg

    yeah retard. help her out.

    kinda funny… but whoever took the video… come on man. be a man.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    That shit was just to funny…

  • Khaki Mallard


  • top dog

    Damn! she is brunette too ain't she? I like brunettes. I would have expected this kind of thing from a blonde.

  • Johhny5

    Dear England:

    Get some snow IQ please. This, Heathrow…. It's embarassing.

  • DaddyD

    Three mistakes.
    1. She's British. Not enough experience driving in the snow
    2. As much as I love my BMW, it sucks in the snow, even with snow tires.
    3. If she had straightened the front wheels, she likely would have gotten unstuck the first time.

    • TIM

      Big plus on the straightening the wheels. I was reading though here to see if anyone brought that up.

  • isawoj

    That guy wasted a perfect opportunity to get situational head.

  • rawnoyz

    and all she wanted to do was go out and buy a vibrator.

  • Tommy2X4

    It would have never happened if she were behind the controls of a stove.

  • TIM

    Thats what I was trying to figure out. I thought all X3 had AUTO 4X4. Guess not.

  • Zadkiel

    I'll chock this one up to karma because

    A. Your videotaping her struggles with the intention to post them on the internet
    B. You didn't get off your ass to help.

  • Chicks without Dicks

    Women: If they didn't have a hole between their legs we would have already burned 'em all.

  • Custardspoon

    For the betterment of the human race, stupid needs to hurt. The pain provides a memorable event to highlight the consequences of idiocy and one might, hopefully, learn to avoid it in the future. Well, at least we can only hope that terminal stupidity strikes before the idiot can breed and gift us all with another generation of defectives in need of hand holding.
    And since when does cute excuse stupid? Or is the point being made here by Her Majesty's Brigade of Internet White Knights that taking advantage of a distressed woman in hopes of her putting out is an honourable thing?

  • Krystian

    …i dont understand why this video is on the chive. This may be the least funny post i have seen on this site.

    this is just what happens in the snow…i drive a rear wheel drive car and its equally if not worse in our chicago winters…

    Rocking the car does nothing if the tire traction is 0.

    • Kyle

      Amen brother. I have a CTS in north suburban Detroit and I get stuck a few times a year, even with weight over my rear tires. This year I got stuck in a parking lot because the angle of the whole lot was a bit higher than my car could manage on complete ice… Not a great day.

  • Guest

    it´s a 1 series nob

    • Buy a Benz

      Either way, it obviously isnt suitable for women to drive in snow.

      • fzero

        it's a 1 series and it's rear wheel drive. They aren't impossible to drive in snow with a good set of snow tires and some extra weight in the trunk. People drove rear wheel drive cars for decades with no problem. I have a 335i Coupe, while it's not the best thing to drive in the Northeastern winter, if you're not a complete idiot you can manage a RWD car in the snow.

  • Bob

    Some people are just dumb.

  • fzero

    I would have offered to help, only because she looks kind of cute. Otherwise, I'm staying inside and watching you humiliate yourself.

  • ryeguy

    She better be good in bed, because she isn't going with a low IQ after this

  • Gabriel

    If she did that in front of the house, she is definitely a danger on the road.

  • frypod

    freaking women drivers, man.

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  • jake speed

    While definately not the most intelligent driver I have ever seen this video really gets at what's wrong with the world today, the idiots recording the whole incident are more interested in their technology than in actually helping someone. Stop recording get your ass outside and give the poor girl a hand.

  • savvy girl driver

    Someone who didn't know it was rear wheel drive, either, since she kicks the snow from the front tyres, expecting that to help…

  • cepelina

    serves u right asshole!! just standing there laughing at her and filming! karma asshole!!! wish she knocked down ur whole wall

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