• Marius

    why do they let chiks buy cars?

  • jojo

    what a wanker for not helping her out…unless he's in a wheelchair, then he can be forgiven….

  • Jim

    Nope, it's a 1-series. So no four wheel drive.

  • guest

    She didn't seem to be too concerned with stopping it once she got going… there was ample opportunity to hop in and hit the brakes, she just took her sweet ass time.

    props to her for getting her ass out and pushing tho.

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  • Rich Sykes

    so funny!!!

  • Orion

    hahaha nope 4×4 cost extra. Its an optional….like almost everything else ..

  • skeletor

    You guys are acting like he watched someone get beat up. Dont women pride themselves on being strong and independent now?? (aka being an adult, congratulations). Part of that is learning how to use THE 4-WHEEL DRIVE in your BMW. Lolz.

  • MiddleLane

    How about putting the camera down and helping her, jerk…..

  • Justin Sargood

    Male or female…it's people who lack common sense that shouldn't be driving cars. if you can't get your car out of your own driveway you have no business driving on snow covered roads. i understand the snow can be overwhelming, but something as simple as leaving your car in gear? really? when would that ever make sense…and if you "forgot" thats even worse. what else do these people "forget" to do while driving?

  • Terry Burke

    so instead of helping they just filmed it to make fun of her and the car ended up hitting the house…. people are such jerks

  • Anonymous

    You might have helped instead of filmed.

  • BloodScrubber

    Must be why he enjoys making movies of people …instead of getting…laid.

  • 64fifty


  • ChrisG

    Yes, he shd have gone out to help! And he shd have warned her. Not kind at all to sit there filming. We were all helping each other here in Bonnie Scotland

  • Joe Canadian

    I can tell it was not in Canada, not just by the righthand drive car, but here the first 3 people walking down the street would have helped push her out.

    Yes, it gets cold here, but we'd rather help out neighbours than hold a video camera.

  • tyker

    that girl is beyond fuckin retarded, how does that seem like a good idea

  • Osky

    You're calling him a moron… she would have been stuck at the end of the road as well, was he meant to just keep pushing her car until she got to work? or could she have just given up and cleaned her road of snow first?

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