Insane LEGO creations because they make me happy for some reason (21 Photos)

These photos and more via the good people at

  • Douche 1

    That FIRST one was lame, okay the yellow car though sucked hard

  • Baldy


    • baldy


  • Baldy

    Boobie Lego rules BTW

  • aosux

    #7 Mind-blown

    • Douche 1

      Goin up the stairs, goin down the stairs, goin up the stairs, goin down the stairs, going up the sideways stairs

      • Anonymous

        This is weirder than that rap video by mc escher

    • D.C

      M.C Escher was the sh!t

    • Hank

      Gotta love some Escher Lego action!
      That is friggin sweet…

    • Random

      Coolest thing I've seen in a while

  • ????

    #16 is impressive.

    • Samwise <3

      watch out for corners, they're sharp.

    • mrnitropb

      That creeps me th F out.

  • equalizermax

    I want #11

  • HoJoon Choi

    #16 in my room please

  • Johhny5

    A bunch a guys aren't ever getting laid…

  • metalcool36

    Pack your shit… WERE GOING TO LEGO LAND!!!

    • Woflpt

      Fuck ye

  • Alex Marinescu

    I liked the Monty python tribute 😀

  • Accountancy

    Full speed ahead, Mr. Cohen!

  • Sean

    #2 is EPIC

    • naysayer

      how so, if I had the pieces I could do that, the others are epic, this is a house with a lot of random shit. cool, not epic.

      • yuck fou

        Monty python dick smoke

      • Bisketz

        Ur retarded! Ever watch any Monty Python?

  • Cleese

    #2 Crimson Permanent Insurance FTW

    • Guz

      Where the fuck did you pull that bit of film trivia from?? Everyone remembers the film, but remembering the company name? I'm impressed!

      • Cleese

        Well, I always found that part of the movie the best.
        Also, I actually remember it incorrectly, it's Assurance, not Insurance

  • PJ Fry

    these made me oddly calm as well.

  • Nathaniel Nacho Fancypants

    Isn't this gallery proof enough that it doesn't deserve its own "kids" tag? Loved the Escher tribute on #7

  • Brand_n

    Well these make all the awesome things my brother and I built as kids look like complete and utter shit…

  • Locode

    lego has totally jumped the shark.

  • Joe Mama

    The girl one is not real, I saw a whole series of those awhile back, it was a photo editing trick of a real naked chick. On a cool note, that is a real naked chick!

  • Joe Mama


  • sabrina

    #1 is my fav. volvo for life

  • Dan

    few of those look photo-shopped to me

  • Cqcumber

    where to buy those legos?

  • dr1v3r

    #4 blow my mind, is it really lego?

  • Logic76

    the 8 bit world comes to life….fucking awesome!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    dude you are by far two sandwiches short of a pickneek…LOL…but good post…

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