Hot Right Now: The things people Tweet after having sex are priceless (20 Photos)

Insane LEGO creations because they make me happy for some reason (21 Photos)

These photos and more via the good people at

  • Douche 1

    That FIRST one was lame, okay the yellow car though sucked hard

  • Baldy


    • baldy


  • Baldy

    Boobie Lego rules BTW

  • aosux

    #7 Mind-blown

    • Douche 1

      Goin up the stairs, goin down the stairs, goin up the stairs, goin down the stairs, going up the sideways stairs

      • Anonymous

        This is weirder than that rap video by mc escher

    • D.C

      M.C Escher was the sh!t

    • Hank

      Gotta love some Escher Lego action!
      That is friggin sweet…

    • Random

      Coolest thing I've seen in a while

  • ????

    #16 is impressive.

    • Samwise <3

      watch out for corners, they're sharp.

    • mrnitropb

      That creeps me th F out.

  • equalizermax

    I want #11

  • HoJoon Choi

    #16 in my room please

  • Johhny5

    A bunch a guys aren't ever getting laid…

  • metalcool36

    Pack your shit… WERE GOING TO LEGO LAND!!!

    • Woflpt

      Fuck ye

  • Alex Marinescu

    I liked the Monty python tribute 😀

  • Accountancy

    Full speed ahead, Mr. Cohen!

  • Sean

    #2 is EPIC

    • naysayer

      how so, if I had the pieces I could do that, the others are epic, this is a house with a lot of random shit. cool, not epic.

      • yuck fou

        Monty python dick smoke

      • Bisketz

        Ur retarded! Ever watch any Monty Python?

  • Cleese

    #2 Crimson Permanent Insurance FTW

    • Guz

      Where the fuck did you pull that bit of film trivia from?? Everyone remembers the film, but remembering the company name? I'm impressed!

      • Cleese

        Well, I always found that part of the movie the best.
        Also, I actually remember it incorrectly, it's Assurance, not Insurance

  • PJ Fry

    these made me oddly calm as well.

  • Nathaniel Nacho Fancypants

    Isn't this gallery proof enough that it doesn't deserve its own "kids" tag? Loved the Escher tribute on #7

  • Brand_n

    Well these make all the awesome things my brother and I built as kids look like complete and utter shit…

  • Locode

    lego has totally jumped the shark.

  • Joe Mama

    The girl one is not real, I saw a whole series of those awhile back, it was a photo editing trick of a real naked chick. On a cool note, that is a real naked chick!

  • Joe Mama


  • sabrina

    #1 is my fav. volvo for life

  • Dan

    few of those look photo-shopped to me

  • Cqcumber

    where to buy those legos?

  • dr1v3r

    #4 blow my mind, is it really lego?

  • Logic76

    the 8 bit world comes to life….fucking awesome!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    dude you are by far two sandwiches short of a pickneek…LOL…but good post…

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