It’s a GIF train with biscuit wheels, baby!

  • Ryan

    I ❤ GIFS

  • J C

    As much as I like the ladies in the page, I’m a huge Blues fan so that hockey gif made me lol

    • cheezebits

      That's the most air time Carlo Colaiacovo has received in years!

      • ssr

        Thats the most ice time Carlo has received in years, too bad that play probably injured him again

  • JCk

    As much as I love the ladies here, the Blues are the shit so the hockey gif was hilarious….go Blues

  • tommybhoy

    #10 I cant help looking at them either

    • avoidz

      Well her face is certainly nothing to look at…

      • Fuzzy

        Hang on. Oh good, they're still there. Now where was I? Oh yes…

      • Smalley Biggs

        you don't think JLH is hot? Let me introduce you to my horse, er friend SJP…

  • o.0

    WTH is #7 from?

  • Lookhowstrongiam

    LOL! thanks chive, #2 & #7 are the best

  • waryee

    #8 turns around, sees shes Not hot and continues….lol

  • Mike

    #3 FINALLY YOU POSTED IT 😀 but it wasnt the one i sent you guys 😛


    • Conor

      Even though it was staged.. :/

      • TylerV

        what are you talking about? bet you didn't even watch the fight numb nuts

    • Locode

      It wasn't the end to the fight. He won, but on decision. Not a knockout.

    • blitzk

      fail. it went to decision.

    • Big Will

      What fight was that?

      • VSi

        Anthony Pettis vs Ben Henderson
        WEC 53 … great fight, insane kick

  • blake honda

    i don't know know why but #4 reminds me of those rag-doll physics games that i use to play on flash online websites.

  • Popsicle Pete

    #6 so totally caught me off guard that I accidentally spit up coffee over my keyboard

    • Timothy

      Yeah, it gave me a bit of a jump as well.

  • Rick

    I love the Japanese. Keep up the good work

    • KnowYerAsians

      She be Korean…but I heartily agree with your basic premise.

    • Dan

      so incredibly bouncy!

      • Smalley Biggs

        I know those titties must be heaven to hold…thank u Kim Jong ILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

      • mememe

        thumbs for another "things that bounce gallery" —————>

    • embed


  • Bud Ugly

    lol @ #6. I thought the humor was the two players sliding into the net… then bam!

    #3 is really cool — too bad it wasn't an actual knockout though.

    #5 – Korean boobs FTW.

  • Sauru

    #8 you are a good man joe

    #11 is my kind of santa

  • Morgan Freeman

    #8 This lady goes out of her way to be seen on the camera. LOL

  • ale

    Everyone was awesome, but #1 make me LOL hard…

  • Jeremy Scanlon

    couldnt help but notice that subzero is missing in #2
    does he DJ now?
    whats his new name? DJ subZ?

    • Anomanom

      Nah he's not cool enough.

  • acehunt

    Love me some gifs

  • Jim Duncan

    #10 is she saying, "Is that what you wanted to see?"

  • Optimus Subprime

    #2 is the best. Imagine the coke fueled after hours orgy that surely results after the club closes!

  • M J

    Does #6 count as a photobomb?

  • Jimmy C

    Please get rid of the stupid adcube. Every time it changes faces the gifs pause while it loads. It's getting real fucking annoying.

  • Bob

    #10 is the only reason I watched that show, her great beasts made an appearance every episode.

    • top dog

      And the reason for that is, to keep watching you the show…..and me too.

  • rockosmodernstuff

    I think #2 is from when subzero makes the puddle and people slip on it. I always tried to see if I could make subzero slip on his own puddle

  • powersticks

    I say JLH should have her own post. No bikini crazy legs pics though.

  • TylerV

    #9 hate when that happens

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