• Tunkenstein

    Don't mean to be a ball-buster, but maybe the hyperlink could use a change to "Marine" instead of "soldier." Just because it might loosely apply to all servicemen doesn't mean it wasn't created by a Marine LCpl, so "a poem from a soldier" is a little insulting to him.

    • 3mahoney

      "This poem is created by a Marine but it applies to all soldiers away form home this Christmas."

      "For I realized the families that I saw that night, owed their lives to these men who were willing to fight."

      Hate to be the ball buster, chief, but that applies to all servicemen. You're a little insulting to me as a serviceman.

  • Grey


  • Domingos

    Não é melhor não haver guerra?

  • Marine.

    Happy Holidays Brothers&Sisters. Stay safe and enjoy what you can.
    Semper -Fi Till I die.

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