The runners-up in the World’s Sexiest Weather Girl competition are… (18 Photos)

Meet Marianna & Manuela Ferrera, twins from Italy who somehow became weather girls. They were recently cast in an Italian reality show called Uno due Tre Stalla where they worked as farmers or some shit. After which, they didn't return to their weather job and are currently basking in the afterglow of their farming reality show success.

  • zym

    Good. God.

    • qwerty

      bitches love reality shows

    • Kevin

      Has no one seen Cassie Cremi on KRCG

  • Speedy

    i wonder if they do "everything" together… hmmm….

    • Jean Girard

      one single plop

  • nate


  • mike

    God was so proud!!! he made two of them!!

    • Emt

      super WIN

  • Urban

    Sorry. Not that hot.

    • Bad news for you


    • Erik von Markovik

      "…and then Urban realized he left his penis by the door before he left for work that day."


      You need new glasses!

    • nick

      Yep your right…. If you like dudes.

    • Urban

      They are cute girls, don't get me wrong, but not HOT. I guess I'm just not that desperate or have dated better looking women.

    • Chris


    • cpt

      Sorry. Doc says youve got a case of the 'gays'.

    • twat

      as we would say here in the UK .. you poof!

    • its_forge


    • kiwi kid

      Don't be a wanker. These girls are HOT. Give them credit for that. And no, the odds of you dating hotter are slim. Be man enough to admit that, at least to yourself.

  • aosux

    I just fell in love…twice!

  • nemesis


  • Roscoe

    This was my choice. Very nice!!

  • Bill

    Hey Chive, how can these 2 win "World's Sexiest Weather Girl" competition when they are no longer weather girls? Shouldn't employment be a prerequiste for winning?

    • Dumbass Bill

      They are the runners up read the title durrrrrr

    • Jimmy

      L2 Read please.

    • What?

      Um, these 2 can win anything they want.

  • nickelpl8ed

    #12 Epic boob on boob action.

    • Kuykendall

      agreed… so much so… lets see #12 again…

  • nomad78

    This is nothing compare to Greek style of weather Forecasting: 4 minutes of hell in the prime zone. Oh skip to 2:50:):)

  • Catch

    Every guy's fantasy.

  • nomad78

    This is nothing compare to Greek style of weather Forecasting: 4 minutes of hell in the prime zone. Oh skip to 2:50 🙂 🙂

    • Jimmy

      wtf is up with her face? looks like she did a bit too much coke.

      • a BiPolar guy

        I never got as high as her face.

      • schnizz

        ur right, nice fun bags but face is a little fug..

    • akajako

      When did Lady Gaga/Amy Winehouse's illegitimate daughter start doing the weather?

    • its_forge

      Wow, that is utter crap. That sow came on my TV I'd change the channel so fast it'd be like I punched time itself in the face.

  • dog

    must have #3 #5 #12. Sweet

  • MigraineBoy

    This weeks forecast is hot and wet with rising temperatures near the end of the week when our sexy chivettes will shine.

  • unibroue

    Italy 1 – Rest of world 0

    or maybe we should say Italy 2 – Rest of the world 0

  • CIRO


  • Jay

    Looking at these ladies makes me proud to be ITALIAN!

    • Mr F

      But then you remember the Jersey Shore.

  • Joseph Candiano

    thank god im an Italian because these are the girls that come from our country

  • Jordan

    The only thing sexier than one weather girl is two weather girls

  • Dirk Diggler

    Meh. They look like a pair of teen girls still with baby fat. Cute, but not hot.

  • richierich

    they should call Spanish television fap-tube because every talk show, game show, soap opera, news channel has chicks like this

  • a BiPolar guy

    I meant I don't know where these ladies live but based on #17

  • Anonymous

    Hey… sluts! Woo hoo.

  • Sauru

    i would like to go back and change my vote for hottest weather girl #10 and #11 are very convincing

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