The runners-up in the World’s Sexiest Weather Girl competition are… (18 Photos)

Meet Marianna & Manuela Ferrera, twins from Italy who somehow became weather girls. They were recently cast in an Italian reality show called Uno due Tre Stalla where they worked as farmers or some shit. After which, they didn't return to their weather job and are currently basking in the afterglow of their farming reality show success.

  • Popsicle Dick

    I'd toss my canole in their lasagna, two times.

  • Patrick Wichert

    holy SHIT!!….. i think i need to change my pants

  • Al_Buck

    OK, so if they're the runners-up…lets see the winner!!!

    • Beldar

      Exactly what I was thinking.

  • blitzk

    mm not really that hot. I find it hard to believe this is the hottest weather girl(s) around the world.

  • mattythegooch

    I'm suddenly craving Olive Garden!!! hahaha, I'm not really….Although a plate of #13 would cure these munchies!

  • ChiveNut

    Where's pic number 18? Come on Chive, you holding out on us….

  • TogasPoon

    I'd love to tap the one on the left.

  • Chris from Toronto

    They … aren't THAT hot … I mean they are hot, don't get me wrong. They are twins which makes them fantastic, but they … they aren't awe inspiring. There are much hotter women from the sexy chivettes who post pictures every week. These two are very attractive, but the hottest weather women? I don't think that is accurate.

  • taco eater

    looks like a cross between ONE DAY, AT BAND CAMP girl and Rachel Ray

  • adam

    "TWINS BASIL TWINS" Man I have to take a trip ITALY some day WOW.

  • Wow!

    Tongue on teeth, girl on left in #3……..holy shit, that's THE look.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    I have never seen a set of twins that looked this god…

  • theone

    for me #3 #5 #6 #10

  • equalizermax

    #9 – best scene ever

  • Wow

    There is one to cook and one to clean! After that…the oral sex

  • rawnoyz

    there must be a sex tape!!!

  • nouu

    fat italians, yay…

  • Captain Rex

    It would be hotter if there weren't sisters, but clones that would obey your every command.

  • Trevor Hunt

    How did they not win!?!?

  • BloodScrubber

    #3 Gal on the left. Thats the look…..riiiiiight there. Warm front anyone?

  • Bob

    Twice the fun

  • dr1v3r

    #12 YES!! i voted for them!

  • Cqcumber

    how r they runner up?
    imaging that u have a chance to go out with a pair of hot, identical girls or a maybe slightly hotter girl….which option would u choose?

    we need a pole to settle this.

  • Wowser

    First thought THREE WAY!!!!!!!

  • John

    Twins Basil, Twins!

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