The runners-up in the World’s Sexiest Weather Girl competition are… (18 Photos)

Meet Marianna & Manuela Ferrera, twins from Italy who somehow became weather girls. They were recently cast in an Italian reality show called Uno due Tre Stalla where they worked as farmers or some shit. After which, they didn't return to their weather job and are currently basking in the afterglow of their farming reality show success.

  • Beldar

    With tits like that, let's talk about their own twins. Quadruplets if you will.

  • cpt

    contests over everyone, give them the trophy or whatever.. and somebody see about getting a airline deal for chivers going to italy soon..

  • Rick

    Proof of a benevolent and loving God.

  • Charlie E.

    Yes please.

  • Pres Obama

    This is just too unfair!

  • Burpo

    Those are Emilio Fede's bitches (n'1 Berlusconi's ass licker). I'm not proud to be italian and know 'cause of BerLUSTconi bitches.

  • Gianfranco

    #10 (LA STALLA = farm – stalls) …. it's perfect

  • cepelina


  • sidebob


  • Beto Mendes

    i'm having them both, thank you very much.

  • northerner

    Yep, Italy's weather looks hot and steamy 24/7/365…

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  • Bisketz

    That face in #3. Ohhhhhh

  • BGkid

    Was it a flesh farm?

  • Duke Steele

    Sure, they're cute but neither of them come close to Jackie Guerrido. I watch Primer Impacto just to see the weather and I don't even speak spanish.

  • duffman0313

    In Italy they are Celebs In SoCal they would work the Day shift at any random strip club…

  • downfall616

    they're "cute" but….skanky ass italians!

  • Sovy

    Oh man.That’s always a tough sidecion for me. B&W? Color?I always try to mix it up a bit every now and then. I’ve been feeling B&W lately, but you can’t escape the beautiful fall colors this season!Lovely photo.

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