This is a real vampire heart and everything on the internet is true (14 photos)

  • one portion of your chive A day


    • I hate "firsts"

      good morning douche lord!

    • Mikey

      Can you do me a huge favour and die. Ya cockfiend.

    • agrwilson

      You sir, are a failure.

  • Claire

    Everything I thought I knew was a lie..

    • gaz

      Nothing is true, everything is permitted

      • Claire

        Oh my god..I think I love you for quoting that…

  • o.0

    Got a close-up of the letter inside the lid? Oh yeah, first.

    • a BiPolar guy

      you just need one of those tv/movie computers that can blow up any image enormously and enhance it till you can see every detail

      • b.o.l

        that way you can check the composition of the actual paper and determine what materials were used to produce. you could even zoom in on the heart and see exactly how long it has been decaying in if the wound was inflicted while the heart was still beating

  • E-Money

    FAIL, FAIL and FAIL ^^^

    • o.0

      Sloppy thirds for me I guess. Shoulda hit the F5 key one more time… :/

  • Juan

    I'm pretty sure this vampire was staked on a bridge that I own, but am trying to sell…

    • mrnitropb

      I am in need of a large bridge, and some fame such as this would help with tolls. It is located on the east coast? Would you be willing to split relocation costs if it is not?

  • MigraineBoy

    Let's convince a Twilight fan to eat it.

    • jamie

      but it doesnt sparkle

      • femtrooper

        Throw some glitter on it.

  • Krish

    Now I am hungry.

  • JohnnyGuns

    fake, everyone knows Vampires turn to Dust when impaled..

    • JACK

      Win !!

  • one portion of your chive A day

    Second and first

    • agentSTEELE

      i smell a douche.

  • Dave

    If only it was Edward Cullens…..

    • Terry Burke


  • Poopslikelittlebunny

    Fourteenth bitches,WHAT?

  • justsaying

    It is a gaff/prop that was on sale til Dec. 13th on ebay.

  • BigJohn

    Looks legit

    • Corey

      looks legit?…if that was a real heart it would be 98 years old and prob about the size of a proon…

      • Ron

        Obviously it's a vampire heart, so it has special qualities; letting it remain the size of a normal heart 😛

        • Corey

          Oh. I stand corrected sir.

          • Avante

            you should watch some twilight to learn about vampires.

  • Bernie

    Looks like an overcooked ham that someone had sex with.

    • mattythegooch

      Ohhhh, it is….and it was a horrible lay!!

  • Stafferty

    Looks like a poorly shaped pile of roast beef to me. If it came with a au jus dip I might be willing to spend $5 on it. (Just out of college, I've eaten worse)

    • Corky thatcher

      You knew a girl named 'Worse'? Weird.

    • Generino

      Think I saw something lying next to the curb that looked better.

  • GI Joe

    I didn't think they had WWII US ARMY tent pegs in 1912.

    • P90

      Oh well in that case it must be fake.

    • NotaTrap

      You sir are spot on…as a point of reference, check out this page and scroll down about 3/4 of the way…you can get a set of five for $15…which is a pretty good deal…now you can dispose of vampires in the trenches of France on the cheap!

    • Poss

      Beat me to it GI Joe! Was going to post the exact same thing!!!!!

  • sirforsyth

    Looks a bit big, pig's heart maybe.

    • Jen

      i was thinking cow.

  • 50-50

    P.S. I have the box with Orlando Bloom's heart in it. I'm saving it for when I feel like taking a long vacation and want to captain a ship.

  • gravgon

    thats actually an oversized Aguacate seed

    pluck the seed, pull off its skin and it looks exactly the same only bigger

    • Semper

      aguacate=avocado. I don't believe you

  • NotaTrap

    You could line the box with Spanish cedar and maybe make a nice humidor?

  • Diana Santos

    weird o.0

  • jkn

    Lol try to send tht with the mail ^^

  • mike

    It sold on ebay for 320.00

  • cwa

    It's a sheep heart, if anyone was wondering. I pretty much invented them, so I would know.

  • kaveman4130

    anyone have some bacon. i'll light the grill.

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