This is a real vampire heart and everything on the internet is true (14 photos)

  • Marry me pls

    lol I can see it now, poor guy just wanted to have a medium rare steak…..

  • T-Ruckus

    In order to attain the sexual prowess of vampires, I would like to purchase this curio so that I might make love to the puncture hole nightly.

  • Paz

    I'd of used my dick instead of a stake.

  • Locode

    So that's what happened to Blacula!

  • Joseph Candiano

    thats what we have navy seals for =P

  • equalizermax

    Thanks for ruining my lunch chive

  • Nizzy

    Tis a real heart… and… it's a bit creepy to report, 0.o that heart looks like it was in baad shape when it still had blood pumpin in it. Whoever had this heart was fricken outa shape. "vampire" probably jogged, and collapsed onto that wooden toothpick.

  • Sugreev2001

    So you believed everything on the internet 0_o ??

  • olliva

    oh my gash

  • Abnorc

    Donkey poo

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